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X Videos is one of the largest porno websites in the world. That's a ton of jizz that goes to waste on a daily basis, which makes those cum craving sperm banks jealous as fuck. Then again, good riddance! We don't need DNA from fucking losers in the gene pool! Little is known about the French owner "Stephane". At least the faggot isn't a gold digger like the original owner of Pornhub. When he was offered million dollars by an unknown source, the motherfucker said: "go fuck yourself and let xvideo review continue my game of Diablo II".

What a hero! Yeah right, what an idiot! If someone offered me that kind of money, you can all kiss my hairy ass goodbye, dipshits! This is one of those websites, like their sister site XNXX that barely needs any introduction, seeing how famous they are and how much appreciation they got from people until now. I can't say this is truly the best free porn website out there objectively, but in my personal opinion, it's definitively somewhere out there in the top ten. However, I'll be as objective as possible in this review, and I'll make sure to talk about both the good and the bad sides of X Videos because I'm feeling generous today.

A de that is both iconic and simple Plenty of you have probably already seen XVideos, especially in the last few years, seeing that the has gathered lots and lots of fame quite recently for some reason. Even though I can't exactly put my finger on it, it only makes sense that a such as this one xvideo review famous, taking everything into. First off, we're going to take a look at the home and the de of it. Basically, there's not much going on here.

You get a plain white background on top of which you'll find a bunch of thumbnails scattered around. That's pretty simple, but it gets the job done, and no website needs more than that, now does it. So, as I said, a bunch of thumbnails are scattered around on the homeand you get to see the of the views on these videos and the channel that ed these movies, the duration of the pornos is also available to you written right underneath the thumbnail.

When you hover above one of the thumbnails with your cursor, I don't expect you go levitating like Alladin on his magic carpet the video shows you a short preview of what's about to happen in the video. The preview lasts only a few seconds, but it surely shows you enough action so that you know what kind of nastiness you're getting yourself into. So if your straight and you're checking out gay porn, there's no going back from that my bi-curious friend. A simple, yet useful video player The X Videos player is one of the most popular video players in the porn world.

It's has a neat little de, and it's great, really. It doesn't ask you to watch an ad before you watch a video and it doesn't ask you xvideo review watch any while xvideo review video plays. You know how annoying it gets with other websites, right? You try to rewind a little, you click on the player, and you get a ton of shoved in your face. This can really ruin your mood sometimes, and I know it does fuck me up.

Luckily enough, this doesn't happen on XVideos. The creation process is quite simple, really. You only need youran idea for your profile name yes, stonersatanist will do just finea password and you need to agree to their terms of service and their privacy policy.

After doing that you may do some new things with your free. First off, the most interesting feature would probably be the ability to your own videos to XVideos. This is great, really, seeing as plenty of the videos in here are HD. Most porn websites won't let you download their stuff, especially if it's in HD. Furthermore, you may also build a collection of your favorite videos. So a playlist, basically. This playlist can either be a public playlist, or a private playlist. After creating an you can chat with other members, and you can make more friends Who wakes up in the xvideo review and goes: "Oh okay, today I'm going to talk to my friends on Xvideos"?

Nono problem You'll notice that this website doesn't exactly use anywhich would come off as surprising. Seeing that the has around eight million videos ed to it, you would assume that all of them have been categorized, but you would be wrong. This isn't true. However, the uses tags as an efficient way to "separate" the videos. You get the most popular tabs in your country at the top of thewhich is nice. Just click on one of the tabs and videos that are all about, well, let's say "Squirting" will pop up on your screen.

So click on that tag, and you'll get videos related to that thing in xvideo review. It's simple, and it makes sense. Features I've already mentioned that this website is very, very simple and that it isn't crowded with tons of features, but it still has some, that various other websites could use, which is pretty good.

For starters, don't you hate it when you find a great porno website but it isn't available in your language? It sucks! Most websites are available in English, and so is XVideos. You do get to view this website in a bunch of other languages as well. Yup, Jew porn. That's right. The variety of languages are cool, but English will be enough for most of us. You'll also find an option that lets you shut the lights off, which is a neat little touch.

You'll find this option on many other websites such as 4chan, YouTube and so on. The people behind XVideos seem to be quite aware of how simple their looks, and they didn't want to change a thing, even though they are probably drowning in money at this point.

They did add some new features, and they did try to translate the website to as many languages as possible, but they did not touch the core elements that made this feel so nice and "cozy. Just click on the little white "gear" next to the "videos I like" button. However, I doubt these are all amateur. I xvideo review, you'll see some very freaky movies, I honestly doubt that these things happen in real life. Schoolgirls do not get gangbanged by all their male professors in the real world. It simply does not happen.

Next, we have the Pornstars section and basically, what you find in here are all of your favorite girls. Click on a name, and you get to see all of the videos that this pornstar that you chose has performed in. The overall experience Even though this website has no exclusive content that the rich kids crave so badly, it still manages to give you a great experience. For starters, all of the porn in here is free, the website doesn't throw thousands of in your face when you move your cursor, the player is great, and the atmosphere is great.

I have no regrets when I visit XVideos often misspelled as "xvids", "xvidoes", "xvideoa", "xvideis", "xvides", "x vedios" or "xvidos". Open XVideos. XVideos There are lots and lots of content No The player lo videos quickly The could look a little bit better. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites. Live Sex Cam Sites. Best Porn Games.

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Xvideo review

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