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MSG Board. Help with two story. A Rude Awakening - L. Trollhunters: Rise o. Archiving writing. Sister switch book b. Jazz Fenton TG posse. Any Skinsuit Warehouse treeline bearchive Authors Here? From: guest mwf2ffanmonths, post 1. One of my first big finds online as I searched for any f2f content I could find was the skinsuit warehouse story treeline on bearchive. It was going strong several years ago but seems to have died out with the last three main contributors not posting anymore judy in disguise, latexfish, serialboy.

If any of you read this site, can you start posting in that series again on sharon trying on new suits for the small, neglected f2f community? I was both latex fish and judy in disguise, and I'm pretty much retired. I'll try to add more f2f if I start writing again, or more likely a mix of that and other things. I can't promise to write more. It looks as if the prolific L. I recall that in the past, L. Also, the trouble with Serialboy, for me,was that despite some ideas I found very clever and worth expanding on, often I couldn't make out for sure what took place in an www bearchive com, so I didn't even try to proceed from it: end of thread, right there.

If you ever decide to continue writing in bearchive. It was always a favorite of mine. I am all in favor of stories with Sharon putting on more skinsuits too. I haven't kept in touch with L. Serialboy stuff: in some of his older episodes it's impossible for me to tell what has happened. I'll see www bearchive com I can link to examples later. In others he takes the story where I don't want to go or adds inconsistencies that can't be resolved. I tried adding this kinda stuff to the BEA for some time as "murmur" but with little luck at attracting any other contributors, so eventually I just stopped going there.

Was fun while it lasted.

Www bearchive com

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