Witch trainer dressup

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HentHighSchool Development Forum. Please or register. Recent Posts Re: Test version for 0. s: It was brought to my attention that the torrent is damn hard to find. Here is the magnet link to the one I am seeding. Zaiaku Full Member Offline Posts: I thought you said this was translated? Because the version I have is completely in Russian. Gen in the exe. Could someone scan that too and either confirm it or show if its a false positive? TedFallenger Jr.

Member Offline Posts: Quote from: Xisis on January 08,pm. Quote from: willaberhaben on January 09,am. Chaoz Jr. Quote from: TedFallenger on January 09,am. Hallo everbody I have an problem. I have overwrite any files with "Chaoz englishtranslation" now I start the game ther is no backroundpicture and when I click of Start I become this. I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. Quote from: Zaiaku on January 09,am.

Quote from: willaberhaben on January 09,pm. Quote from: Chaoz on January 09,pm. Xisis Newbie Offline Posts: Here is the LWH translation from the Russian translation thread. Mega Link Take 3 I guess I spent too much time fapping and forgot it wasn't part of the torrent.

Hopefully that fixed the link. Here is the post it came from. TF Games Site post. T0mcat99 Jr. Quote from: duncanmac on March 04,pm. Quote from: Jadder on January 03,pm. I have the following problem. When I pick up the map of the school and go to the clothes store, choosing the existing stock I get an error, I copy lime here literally if someone just happens and if there is any solution. SMF 2. SimplePortal 2. Recent Posts. Re: Test version for 0. Logged Well that was weirdly arousing.

Logged TedFallenger Jr. The file you're talking about isn't even present in the torrent or the zip. And that's why, after 3 hours of learning basic python, I created a google translation of the game Don't always expect coherent sentences but I think one can understand the gist of it. When a new version drops I'll happily update the translation. Of course anybody who wants to improve the translation is welcome to do so. Cheers Chaoz PS. Perhaps I could have worded that better. Gen" was the naming of the potential virus the heuristics of my scanner found.

Logged Chaoz Jr. So please look in your "game" folder again if that file exists. Quote from: willaberhaben on January 09,pm Quote from: Zaiaku on January 09,am The file you're talking about isn't even present in the torrent or the zip. This Crypt. Zpack stuff just means that the exe is especially encrypted using techniques that also a virus could use. But that for example is also common for cracks to protectd them against tampering or discovery by companies, which is why I said it's not a concern. Cheers Chaoz Logged willaberhaben Newbie Offline Posts: 29 Re: Witch Trainer Unattended Edition « Reply 69 on: January 09,pm » Quote from: Chaoz on January 09,pm just as a side note, what your scanner reported isn't witch trainer dressup virus per se, but a way of defense a virus could use.

Cheers Chaoz Yeap, I know that its set to overzealous and thus produces a lot of false positives add that this is just something that triggered something in the heuristics as potentially problematic. Which is exactly the reason why I am asking you guys if its looking like like a false positive or like a real threat.

I already had the "fun" to clean computers from viruses my own long time ago and other peoples so I rather avoid playing witch trainer dressup potentially fun game by setting it to overzealous compared to spending all that time to clean the computer up and making sure that any potentially compromised passwords are changed.

Member Offline Posts: 72 Re: Witch Trainer Unattended Edition « Reply 71 on: January 10,am » whatever you just posted, its not an actual link Now it works Seems like a mixture of google translate and and some manual translation. Akabur had not enough time to complete certain parts of the game so I try.

What have you done?! I rewrote nearly all the code which was For the game himself I found the grinding a little annoying so I changed a few things : more gold for reports, double Slytherin points and you can read books in one shoot. No more useless interactive bird too. Quite nice, this version Tutoring The style of writing doesn't fit with Akabur's style of writing. Hermione seems to evolve into a horny lesbian bitch quite fast and Genie doesn't really treat her as his bitch to be. As it is, it's nice to have, but I!

But after taking a look at the archive. Many lines marked in the rpy's, which means they aren't used, right? Including a big load of new events?!? Also some graphics included that don't seem to be used in the game - like that red bikini Modifying the witch trainer dressup I guess this will be quite attractive for most people. Being able to read books in one go witch trainer dressup getting quite a lot more money to buy stuff sure reduces the grind.

Gifted her all the stuff available in the shop, too apart from micro skirt due to not doing tutoring and that broom, which is mentioned in the rpy and can be seen in the graphic part of the rpa, but doesn't seem to appear in game and it doesn't seem to help. Not sure if it's a bug or if I did something to mess the game up Personal conclusion: a nice mod, but somehow it doesn't seem complete Logged T0mcat99 Jr.

Seems they were unhappy he didn't finish the game and let that out a bit. Considering they used his artwork for "their" game, I consider this quite unappropriate - not sure how it is in the russian version, but at least in the translated english version postal times seem to be fucked up completely. Sometimes when ordering something from the catalogue there's the message that delivery will take x days. This is buggy though - if he calls Hermione during that time, the counter seems to be reset.

So Daphne can only be summoned, if Genie also doesn't summon Hermione within these 48 hours. Not that there is much sense in summoning Daphne, as the content isn't finished. And it's partially bugged, too. At least the part, when you order her to drop some of her clothes Nonetheless quite a few books and cameras can be bought in the shop which then can not be used.

Witch trainer dressup

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