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The second rule of a sex shop is the same as the first rule but repeated more loudly in my brain. Not like highly skilled cashiers the world over are clamoring to ring up dildos at Adult Shop North in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. That took some time. But first, the cashier, eating some terrible looking leftovers out of a Cool Whip container and wearing an Insane Clown Posse hat of coursehad to make things real awkward. Shortly after this annoying but harmless offer, I saw my girlfriend standing at the entrance to a hallway. This just got real weird. The first thing that was down the hall, we soon found, was the overwhelming odor of piss.

Good start. Whenever you think you have it bad…. We heard the sounds of pornos playing in rooms with doors closed, open and half ajar. There was an arcade, dimly lit, where a man quickly left once we entered. At this point, I had not gone into reporter mode. I was still in shock at what I was seeing and hearing. The next room we entered was jarring enough to wake me from my stupor.

Here it is, in all its random, bizarre and creepy glory. Lights on? Disgustingly stained carpet? Vending machines containing dust-covered s-era Pepsi products sold for 75 cents? Why these machines were plugged in I will never know. Why the lights were on in this seemingly pointless room is another good question. But the creep factor would only increase. And in them, anything goes. Almost anything. Thought they could get away with that on the night shift. Boy, were they wrong. I got a fucking nose on me. It was here that we encountered one of the patrons of this fine establishment. As I took this photo I heard a snort from my girlfriend, her attempt to conceal laughter.

Then, in my peripheral, like a phantom from porno shop purgatory, appeared a man. He passed and the guffaws tumblr adult book store. Home About Archive. Justin Glawe Thoughts, stories and extras from my desk, wherever that may be. This is what a Cedar Rapids sex shop is like. Yes, those are 25 cent candy dispensers. In a sex shop. You know, bars on the windows, no big deal. Just another stop on the road. Notes reallonghairedguys liked this.

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Tumblr adult book store

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This is what a Cedar Rapids sex shop is like