The doppelganger walkthrough

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Sam: Being around all these criminals. It is too much. It is so easy to fool them. Everybody thinks I am a bad guy because I come from Germany. I was promoted because of an accent. Now, what is the mission? Sam: Why didn't you tell me? We must hide you. Hoyt will blow you into a thousand [foreign language]!

This will not be easy. You have become a victim of your own success, ya? The natives attack Hoyt now. He has put up defenses. We must the doppelganger walkthrough his organization or killing him will be useless. Yet, Hoyt doesn't know what you look like. Only about these Sam: [foreign language] You must enlist for the Privateers. Halt, no arguments. This is a two-man operation and I need you on the inside. First things first. You must look the part.

Sam: We steal a uniform! The new recruits are brought in and processed down by the docks. Find a recruit. Make sure nobody recovers his body and steal his gear. Contact me on this frequency afterwards. Dennis: You have nearly reached the end of the Path. Citra is convinced that you will become the most powerful warrior in the tribe. All the tatau will be yours, if you survive. Dennis: I knew it, Jason! To reach the center you must let all the cares of your past life fall away. Only Citra and the Path must remain. Video Games. All Guides.

The doppelganger walkthrough

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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough 29 - Doppelganger