Slice of venture 2 walkthrough

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Games Beat. This post has not been edited by the GamesBeat staff. Opinions by GamesBeat community writers do not necessarily reflect those of the staff. Massive guides of maps and detailed-to-the-bone walkthroughs were planted in the s of the book. As you can imagine, many sleepless nights hovered over the staff.

Editors of the magazine such as Andy BaranR. James Mazurekand I believe Mark Hain who is on this site were some of the guys who put such effort into the guides. Take note that I am not an Expert Gamer by any means, I just love writing about them. Writing a walkthrough is damn sure time consuming. That was during the summer. I had nothing else to do. If you have a girlfriend, try to tell her you have a school project or something. Beating the game is one thing. Composing it and actually writing it can take just as long…if not longer. Your possible hygiene, social life, and eating habits may be affected as well.

Every piece of the game needs to be covered; bosses, puzzles, items, etc. You want people to turn to your guide if they get stuck on a particular part. Explain the environment, enemies, and objects. Let the player know where they are so they can continue to follow. This seems obvious. Because there are several competitions on some sites, many people rush to get their guide out. People may start writing as they play the game the first time through.

I like to take my time, and — depending on the game — beat it multiple times. From there, you know what to expect. Multiple endings, different scenarios, and characters apply here. Take notes the first time through and remember the toughest parts of the game. You need to KNOW the game. My Resident Evil Deadly Silence guide is a good example not to toot my own horn. I played the game so many times I knew it by heart. If you were playing it as Jill or Chris, the information was all there.

Makes sense, right? Yeah, yeah…you knew it was coming. Just try to dodge the mistakes I have made in the past. Spell check often as you write; walkthroughs are a ton of s. Take small portions of your writing and spell check on the way. Try to avoid being ignorant like me and spell check after the entire guide is complete — it will haunt you for hours to end.

I am still fixing guides that I wrote long before. Proof reading is a definite plus. In most cases, you can always update your guide. Use it to your advantage. Once your guide is up, make sure you give your valid E-mail address slice of venture 2 walkthrough the guide.

Check your mail often, because from what I learned, my inbox was full of questions about the guide or game. The popularity of the game depends as well. Oh, and be polite! They took the time to write to you, so why not do the same? When writing a guide, I always tend to keep it for the most part spoiler free. I keep most of it in the dark, and let the player enjoy the game with the cut scenes and events. For my tastes, it kind of ruins the experience. It may not be as beautiful crafted or plugged with gorgeous maps, but the text guide slice of venture 2 walkthrough gets the job done.

This is a very true statement. I feel modern titles today are much more lenient and straight-forward. Games like Bioshock and Modern Warfare 2 have that destination pointer — in most case scenarios, you know where to go. Harder difficulty settings and online gaming is, for me, more about the actual player learning and gaining skills to improve.

But in a sense, I still believe games with puzzles God of War and tough bosses Final Fantasy 13 still needs the shining light with a writer to reach out and help someone. It all depends on the game, I suppose. I never use guides or tips until a last resort. Videogame magazines are always looking for people with strong journalism, but if college is an impossibility, you should at least look into taking some writing courses at your local community college. The message was way longer, but it was damn close to that. That was a while back, so times have changed. So I am unclear if this was such a walkthrough of a walkthrough, but I think it could help some who are looking into, say, working for Prima or Brady Games.

It could also be for someone who just loves to write about how to perfect titles and aid someone through. Just keep these things in mind when you want to do some handy work. We may collect cookies and other personal information from your interaction with our website. For more information on the of personal information we collect and the purposes we use them for, please view our Notice at Collection. Become a Member In. VentureBeat Home Games Beat. General Newsletters Got a news tip? Free: the GamesBeat Community for access to 3 premium posts or videos a month.

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Slice of venture 2 walkthrough

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