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You thought you could try to act more Alpha like her Bull. You tried being more assertive and more dominant, not just around Him but also around His friends. She knows how to string a beta along. She was happy to have you as a servant for a few months, but she has grown tired of you and has handed your keys over to some guy.

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You better get used to worshipping a different kind of body! How many ex boyfriends does she have exactly? Well at least the pressure is off of you. Just focus on treating her like a queen and taking her out on fancy dates and buying her nice gifts.

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A beta still gets to have sexual experiences, just not the kind that involves fucking a woman to a massive orgasm. She has been your friend for years.

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One night over drinks, she asked you about any kinks or fetishes you had. You brought up chastity and she seemed very intrigued. A couple of weeks later, after some thought and research, she offered to be your keyholder for a couple of days for fun. You jumped on the opportunity without thinking through the consequences.

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Now you have been locked by her for more than just a couple of days, and now she is really laying out your new place in the world. After some awkward fumbling around, she suggested that she teach you all about girl stuff, like panties, dresses, lingerie, and makeup. When that guy broke up with her, she was devastated. She really counted on your friendship for those couple of months as she got over it.

Now she comes to you, and you think maybe she is interested in going out with you. But she really just wants your input so she can make a tinder profile for other guys.

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Sissy beta tumblr

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