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Usually, when porn is mentioned, it is female porn starts that get all the fame. So, today we review the top male pornstars and explain why all girls and MILFs drop their panties when those gorgeous guys enter the room. The kick of the story is that these studs do occasional bonking with guys, too. So, people who prefer hard male fucking, buckle yourself to your chairs and get the lube ready! We get it started! This handsome dark blonde guy with cool stub has been in porn since He began his career in gay videos, and in started making videos with females.

Alex worked with a variety of companies and starred in bonking duets with popular porn stars, both male and female. His body is average but attractive, not too lean, and not over-spilling with muscles. A cute face, a decent-sized dick with cut foreskin, and the talent to drill persuasively any hole within the reach make him one sexy male pornstars the highly praised stars of today.

Alex features in a total of 62 of vids, from classic to very special, like sex with wrestling men, or family role play. Along the inimitable Siffredi, Johnny Sins is probably the most recognized porn actor in the industry today. Johnny the Bald started acting in adult movies inand due to his physical strength and stamina, he has done around 2, videos since then.

The Brazzers studio tenderly loves him pun intended because this stud did the thorough pussy pounding in about 1, videos for this studio alone. Johnny Sins is impressively big, with looks of a weight-lifter and a bald head and daring eyes of a gangster. His dick fully matches his impressive exterior. Johnny prefers a rough approach to sex, and you can watch him lift a girl and fuck her in that position for hours. The guy stars in various kinds of videos with female performers, whether in plot-based or free-style scenes. His hard work has justly brought him a ificant of awards.

His name says it all about his tiny posture but not about his dick. This Spanish caballero entered the field in and fucked through his way to the top. His face is that of a hot Latin youngster, with dark brows, sparkling brown eyes, and a flashy smile. Yet Jordi is famous not for his eyes.

The strong sides of this star are youthful appearance, a very long boner, and brilliant performances in MILF videos. The guy collaborated extensively with Brazzers and now runs his own successful YouTube channel. Jordi starts in various kinds of vids involving females, MILFs in particular, with several variations of sex involved. The young stud became immensely popular with adult women audiences and teens alike. His appearances are that of a handsome guy next door, with an average body and no eye-catching details like a tattoo or lots of muscles.

The nickname and high popularity actually come from his cutesy face. The movies portfolio includes threesomes, group sex, and double penetrations that scored him a dedicated award. Yet, the alleged sexual misconduct reported by several movie partners and his ex-girlfriend has tarnished his reputation and harmed the career. Owen is as known for his impressive tattoos and scarring as for his long dick and strong drive sexy male pornstars hardcore fucking. He does fetish videos, classic sex videos, and ventures into BDSM. His looks are that of an artistic fellow, thin, pale, with dreamy face and green eyes, until he sheds the clothes.

Then the fetish passions become obvious, and the impressive sleeve and full leg tattoo and decorative scarring become visible. It is now that we realize that Owen is an artist of a darker kind. This performer is known for stamina and wildness in sex scenes and a wide array of bondage and fetish items of his creation. This dark-skinned gangsta is nice on his face and huge in his pants. He started in by sending his dick pics to adult film agencies, and they accepted the offer immediately. This fella can be described as handsome as some of the rap stars, but with the ability to do much more than just blah-blah-blah in the mike.

Ricky sports a ripped torso, slim body, love for jewelry, and talent for using his impressive boner in many ways. This actor can boast of doing fiercely arousing classic sex scenes as well as gangbang, doubles, oral, and even virtual sex videos. InRicky won three prestigious awards in a row, thus setting a new record for an industry newcomer. Lil D is not that little when it comes to his dick size, acting talent, and a of genres on the record.

He worked for a chain of adult film studios so far and did hard pounding of pussies belonging to quite a few female porn stars. Lil D has a slim teen-like body with some sexy male pornstars tattoos and a very expressive face hence his popularity in MILF and teen vids.

This tiny pussy-pounder can be seen in 28 genres of movies in total. Mark Rockwell, whom you can find on PornHub in abundance, is a successful web model. He is white, of average stature, and sports a sleeve tattoo, an amazing big dick, and an attitude, as you can see in sexy male pornstars profile. Mark likes girls, MILFs, and chicks who cheat on boyfriends with him as his profile says.

This male model shoots POV blowjobs with rich cumming, facials, rimming, sex hookups with girls from dating sites, and some role play videos. All is made home-style, as you can guess, but is great to watch and jerk off to. This dude entered the field in with gay soft porn and switched to ladies in Danny collaborates with famous studios including Brazzers and has done a decent of vids of different genres. This star is a white guy, average sexy male pornstars, ly toiling as a construction worker.

Yet the impression of mediocrity fades away when you see his sex mallet. His boner can rival that of an elephant no jokes and he sticks it gladly in chicks both young and mature. Danny starts with giving an oral to a partner, whether pussy or anal and then proceeds to pound these holes thoroughly, till the satisfaction of both.

This versatile actor can venture into hardcore punishment sex and domination, but he can be on the receiving side as well as on giving one. You can see him in lots of full adult movies, including parodies, and this guy impresses with his acting talent and emotions as much as with his mind-boggling dick. His name became a moniker for porn as such. The reason is that Rocco did not find anyone able to fill his place among the most popular male pornstars.

Lean, with curly auburn hair, Siffredi looks like an obscure Italian aristocrat, with that special flair, style, and love for sexy male pornstars suits. Yet, the maestro of fucking truly staggers when undressed. His dick is one of the longest in the industry, and Rocco uses it generously. Yet his passion is anal and rimming. Rocco does it really hard and long, with deep emotionality and rage, leaving partners exhausted and gasping for air.

Lots can be said about this French-Spanish star, but his origin speaks for itself. Both nations are known sexy male pornstars sex skills, so Manuel was destined to be an adult star. He is one of the pillars of the profession, doing his films since During his career, Manuel garnered 64 awards and made 2, videos. This white guy is handsome in that particular French way. This star has a very expressive face and lush brown hair, a rather muscular body, but his pride is his huge dick.

Manuel is doing all varieties of videos, from classic to threesomes and POVs, but recently the actor turned to doing porn gonzo. Anyway, Manuel is very emotional, passionate about his partner and you can enjoy his acting skills as well as his fucking ones. This Mediterranean diamond could easily become a popular mainstream actor if his porn vocation did not show up — for the better for all of us.

This muscular guy from Spain is a pranker venturing into male cams for a brief period. Antonio was active inbut his vids are available on PornHub and his site. This hombre is undeniably hot, with all those muscles, barbered beard, brazenness, and pranks of different levels of explicitness. He travels and casually hooks up with pretty chicks, and then records hot sex with them. Some girls prefer to have their faces blurred, but the rest is pretty visible.

Hookups, teachers, sluts — anyone goes as long as they are horny enough. So if you love gonzo and amateur sex vlogging with obligatory hot anal, you have found the star to watch. His stage name is another household name in porn, in Europe in particular. He is a Spanish porn actor and director who was first brought into the industry by Siffredi the Great. The actor began the adult career by doing live sex shows with his long-time female partner. After that, Vidal transited to acting in videos, which brought him international acclaim and multiple contracts.

The guy is a typical Spanish macho, tanned, dark-haired, with an expressive face and mesmerizing eyes. Yet, his long meaty dick and pussy grinding skills are even more astounding. He features a huge variety of vids, from a classic like vaginal, anal, and oral to threesomes and gangbang.

Nacho is equally glad to fuck teen, mature and MILFs, and even some pretty trannies. As of recent, his name was mostly connected to legal scandals. Fredrick Lamont in real life, this amazing ebony stud can be easily mistaken for some proud African king who has ventured into America for holidays and new experiences in his sexual life.

Fredrick entered the industry for the sole reason of earning a living. Yet, soon this stallion with an imposing body and the longest dick officially measured 30 cm in the current industry attracted the attention of big studios. As glorious and shapely as an ebony statue. Mandingo carries himself with royal flare and provides his partners with equally royal fucking sessions.

The star grinds and pounds energetically pussies and asses of the prettiest porn stars till they squeal. Then they are free to suck happily at his elephantine tool. As of now, Mandingo has starred in about films, and this is not the end of his career. This lean, generously inked and spry ebony guy is another treasure in the porn industry trove.

He entered the industry as a model in but proceeded to become a highly sought after adult actor. His body is all relief and sinews, and his face is that of some charismatic Nubian pirate. You can expect merciless grinding of pussies, asses, and dick sucking in all possible positions.

Despite his slight body, King can lift a juicy meaty momma and fuck her thoroughly all way through in the air. Now the guy is into making music, but his adult videos are still on the web. The next cool Black stallion on the list is Jason Luv. He began his adult film career in and continues it till today. Jason started with camming but soon ventured into sexy male pornstars plot-based videos.

His upper body is covered in elaborate inking, including the face. Together with a tall and muscular frame and craggy face features, it all creates an impressive look. Jason loves giving oral to his female partners and watching them come, and then he has his turn in thorough fucking and cumming.

Garrett Don Couto aka Bruce Venture is a white porn actor who began his career in He worked with quite a few studios and garnered a collection of awards for performing. Bruce is bony and tall, which makes him look younger than his age.

Inthe full-length adult movie with him as the protagonist was made. His screen name is a combination of references to Bruce Lee and the place where young Garrett lived as a. One more legend among famous male pornstars comes from Germany. You can expect all glory and brutality of German porn in the movies with his participation. Egon began his shooting career in when videos were still released on tapes for cassette recorders, and he continues his stud thing through today. The star is a tall burly guy with blue eyes, now bald. What kinds of films? Think hot orals, vaginal, butt drilling, and many more including masturbation and handjobs.

Half-Indian, half-British, this actor knows how to play football with his English part and how to do mind-blowing fucking scenes with his Indian part. His proper porn career began in After contracting with Brazzers, Keiran became one of the highest-paid and the most promoted actors in the field.

Probably we can stop here, right? His overall appearance is that of a British, but his dark brows, lush brown eyes, and juicy lips hint what Eastern fire is burning within. The star does all classic kinds of sex with both young chicks and MILFs.

Sexy male pornstars

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