Seducing the throne endings

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Remember you got only 1 shot at this 1 per game, when dating the queen, pick up mushrooms, but do NOT eat it yourself, at the elders look in their crystal ball. Doggy style noun A sexual position which allows both participants to watch TV. PM me.

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Re: Seducing the Throne LoP Gold by narcissus » Fri, 15Nov06 Skelaturi wrote: kona wrote: Does anyone know how to get "now she likes it" and "dark visions" achievements? Sorry for my bad English, my level is basic.

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You have to end with Flick in the Party with you and Lola. You get Flick to hear out Lola, Lola appologizes to Flick, then Lola supports your claim to the throne and you see the ending, getting the achievement.

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I've had her in love with me but I didn't see that option. Note to self write things down. Re: Seducing the Throne LoP Gold by Perdido » Sat, 15Nov07 Anyone else experiencing a bug when in the sex scenes the screen goes black and only appears again when i cum? By far one of their better ones.

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Re: Seducing the Throne LoP Gold by crmsn7 » Sun, 15Nov08 does unlocking achievements do anything like the ghost game start with higher stats? Re: Seducing the Throne LoP Gold by noizyknight » Sun, 15Nov08 Offering to post a very general guide that allows you to get all endings without detailing 'Do this on this day at this time' I will probably do it if someone replies with a yes to this post and no one replies with a 'no' after the 13th Nov.

Seducing the throne endings

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Seducing the Throne