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So I have always been dating kind of casually and I met this girl on hinge. We matched and I'm not sure if it's mental fatigue or what but I vividly remember matching with her and being like, "Oh? Never actually met anyone with that name, cool" we talk for two days and I never actually search her message just click the notification and open the message so I never see her name in any tangible sense.

Then we decide to meet up. Well we meet up after one of my shifts at a late night bar and hang from and I give her a ride home, I go in, we smash, and I leave cause she has to be up early in the morning. We end up exchanging s before I reddit hard fuck and that's that. Well, we end up going on many more dates and I really like her and she really likes me.

Well for one of our dates she plans us going to an escape room. I've never done one and neither has she. We have a blast and that's that. So a month later I'm planning date night and the website I'm booking through asks for the names of everyone that will be doing the escape room and I put both of our names and think nothing of it. Well we get to the escape room and they tell us the rules and stuff and we enter. There is a "Will" from your dead "Uncle Ivan" and it's addressed to Millie and I and she re it out loud and is like, reddit hard fuck Who the fuck is Millie?

She was FURIOUS for the rest of the date and the worst part was that we were literally stuck reddit hard fuck a room together for the better part of an hour. She ended up leaving the date. It was bad. Background: As some of you might know, there was a bit of a kerfuffle the other day regarding a chicken-and-bread-based post and comment on one of the default subreddits that turned into a viral TIFU, got totally out-of-hand and resulted in a complete meltdown, nuked comment sections, many permanent bans, and content being censored across multiple subreddits.

I saw the initial fallout from the situation on Sunday, laughed and then forgot about it. I cued back into it when reddit hard fuck mod sticky appeared on the relevant subreddit with the moderator claiming that there was more to the situation than it seemed! I wanted to learn more. Well I did. And in my opinion, it looked like the moderator was at least exaggerating and at worst being dishonest.

So I decided to share my concerns with the rest of the moderation team:. And muted from appealing for 28 days. This happened about a week ago. Fuck America right up the poop chute. Anyway, this is all to explain the mental place I was in. I was fucking spent. So, I did what nobody realizes their first grade teacher does. I got drunk as fuck, I smoked a shit ton of weed, and I put on Hamilton so I could rap at my cat.

After a while, I got hungry because of all the child inspired drugs and booze and ordered doordash. Now, for some reason, I kept getting spam calls that week. Like, so many. I have no idea what porn site I visited on mobile that week but they really wanted to talk to me. Time goes by. I rap at the cat and do more drugs and guzzle more whiskey. After all, I have work tomorrow. My phone rings and I see some weird ass. Feeling absolutely slooshed, I decide to fuck with these spam callers.

I answer and put it on speaker. I then begin making noises that are somewhere between someone having really terrible sex or someone taking a really good shit. He was just pale. Obligatory, didn't happen today, it was roughly a month ago. I came home from work, afternoon shift, and it was dark outside. I decided to go shower right away. So I did. I was really tired and went straight to bed.

There comes the fu. I didn't reddit hard fuck on the lights in my room and since it was dark outside I couldn't see anything. I know my room well so I successfully found my bed, got in, rolled in the sheets, turned sideways and fell asleep.

Everything as usual. I wake up in the morning, before my alarm rang, and I felt like I was laying on something that doesn't really belong in a bed. Turns out I must have had a quite big moth in my sheets, which I crushed in my sleep. The moth was completely obliterated. I was laying on its head and body. The wings were in a thousand pieces and everywhere. From shoulders to the feet. I cleaned it up and went back to sleep. I was still half asleep so it didn't bother me that much, but as I realized what just happened I was very disgusted. Since then I'm shaking my blanked every time I get in the bed.

TLDR: Went to bed in the dark, without shaking the blanket. Turns out there was a moth hiding inside, which I crushed into a thousand pieces while sleeping. Reddit hard fuck, this was some years ago but just came to mind. I am a very very very hair man, all over. Long story short I seen my sisters NAIR and decided to take it to the bathroom to clear my chest forest. I apply it all over my chest and start to go put it around my butthole. Wait a second, my brain worked randomly, maybe I should read the warning label.

Including nipples. I say SHIT. Read a bit further it says to not leave applied for longer that seconds. They are burning. Oh no, my nipple are literally puffing up now, by the time I get out of the shower, they are 3x size and turning purplish. They hurt so bad. For the next 3 weeks they were the most sensitive that even a shirt brushing against them was excruciating pain. Put NAIR on my chest and nipples too long, nipples got swollen and purple for 3 weeks with pain out of this world. So as I became a father earlier this year, my wife and I were cleaning out the basement of my parents in law while looking for toys for our.

While rummaging around the basement I found a small suitcase packed with various toys and puppets. We went through the stuff in the suitcase, putting some into the bin and other stuff into a box to keep. In the suitcase I found a cylindrical red piece with a locking mechanism and a lever saying "press". As I am quite curious and at times not very smart, I turned the cylindrical thingy to undo the locking mechanism and while looking at it to see what it does I pressed the lever while straightly facing that diabolical tube. I immediately feel a strong burning sensation across my whole face and especially my eyes.

I somehow manage to make my way to the bathroom and rinse my eyes and face for at least 10 minutes. I can barely open my eyes as they hurt a lot, but when I do I can see that both eyes are heavily bloodshot. I look like I emptied a liquor store the night before. After rinsing my eyes as good as possible i take a second look at the tube thing and under the bottom I find a small sticker with barely legible letters.

It turns out, my wifes sister put her pepper spray for self defense purposes into a suitcase with TOYS and other stuff. It also turns out I pepper spray myself straight into my face. TL;DR: I found a suitcase with toys and used one of those to pepperspray myself right in both eyeballs.

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Reddit hard fuck

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