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F rom a sunny sitting room, year-old Kristel beams at the camera she has set up to broadcast her life to her 49, YouTube subscribers. Instead, she credits her new glow to a movement that has lurked in reddit female masturbation of reddit female masturbation internet for several years. Kristel is a follower of NoFapa platform that encourages its users to refrain from masturbation. She claims her new lifestyle has led to a complete physical and mental reformation.

The flippantly named NoFap community has gained a strange prominence since it was founded in by Pittsburgh web developer Alexander Rhodes. Having first gained momentum among men in Reddit forums and backwaters of the internet, the community regards NoFap as a sexual health program to combat porn addiction. She says the vast majority of her viewers are based in the US, with a smaller but ificant following in India. In an attempt to engage its rising female cohort, NoFap has recently introduced new measures including hiring female moderators and creating women in reboot forums.

Kristel has become something of a poster-girl for the Femstronaut movement, but there is a darker side to NoFap. Among the reams of Reddit discussions and YouTube videos, a fundamentally misogynistic rhetoric regularly emerges. Some have even linked the movement to incel involuntarily celibate communities, who extend contempt towards masturbation and pornography to a more insidious hatred of women.

So what drives women to participate in this male-dominated trend? Even as a heterosexual woman, porn made me sexualize and objectify women … I also began to think of myself as a sex object, and that my value came from my sex appeal. Kristel also cites the influence of pornography as a key driver of the trend. She says the unrelenting theme of male dominance, unrealistic body standards and the overly performative scenes made watching adult content a discomfiting experience for her. It seems no coincidence that both Alana and Kristel, seemingly some of the most prominent and outspoken women in the NoFap movement, are part of a generation that has grown up with extreme sexual content only ever a few clicks away.

Despite the almost non-existent science behind its claims, the NoFap movement seems to represent a solution to very real concerns. Yet it is not clear whether NoFap offers any relief. Although the thousands of women who post on NoFap might be benefiting from access to a community of like-minded people, it fails to provide the expert support that may realistically be needed for women struggling with sex or porn addiction. The women drawn to NoFap seem trapped in a conundrum of the digital age. They see themselves as victims of a world where access to online pornography is unlimited, but also end up seeking solutions within a similarly opaque and murky world.

Although they may feel isolated from the male-centric world of pornography, their association with an ideology that idolizes the strange pseudo-science of semen retention and stereotypically masculine powers could only further isolate them from the nuances of female sexuality. And yet, Kristel has no plans to stop. The NoFap Reddit forum has more thanmembers. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo.

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Reddit female masturbation

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Reddit female masturbation