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I saw some writing floating around but couldn't find any valuable source yet. I dont even se why you would do such kind of Shit. Its not like you get money for views, its just posting Bullshit and flaging it with random popular thing. The son is trying to seduce her mom. He knows that his mom is bi-curious. The son have chest like a girl Mom and son sitting on bed, clothes on for the moment.

Mom: Yes, now tell me what you wanna talk about? Son: I wanna tell you the reason why I dont have girl friend. Mom: Ok, whts it. Son: Let me show you. Son removed his shirt and shows his breasts to her mom. Son: Because of tthese i dnt have gf. I am shy with these. I am afraid if I show these to a gal I have never seen a gal's boobs till now.

And I am not sure if mines are like gals. Mom: No son these are not like gal's You can touch them and have close look. He takes her hand and puts then on his man boobs Mom like them but cant show tht she likes them Mom: yeahh they are So I am not sure. Mom: I have seen them, I have them. I know. Son: Yeah If you can I just wanna confirm if yiu are right. If you can show me pointing to her boobsit may help. Mom: NO Son: Yiu have to help me, because of my man boobs I fear i will never have a girl friend. Mom: Ok, She removed her blouse and tried to open her bra.

Son: Let me help. He took his hands around her body like he is hugging her and removed her bra Son touches her boobs and then checks his He starts grabbing her boobs and massaging those. Mom gets into the action. And then you can build up from here. I'm a 38yr old male. Incest excites the hell outta me. I've been interested in it since i can remember. At a very young age,probably around 9, i was noticing my mom's body. Hell, i was noticing every dam woman i saw about that time. Anyway, my mom walked around the house in a short nitie and never wore a bra.

She wasn't nothing special, in fact she was quite large, but at that time, she was the only woman that i'd ever seen in real life show that much, except for the women in the magazines under my bed. The nitie didn't leave much real incest with mom the imagination. Every time she walked by, or sat down, i could see her panties. I could dam near see her nipples cause they poked out of her nitie so far. I guess she thought i was too young to notice, because in later years, she covered up a little more. But i sure did notice her then. When i was home alone, i would get a pair of her panties and rub them on my dick until i "got that feeling" My dad worked nights, and left for work at 11pm.

I was usually in bed already, but my mom would stay up to see him off to work, then she would start cleaning up. This is when i would get up and open my bedroom door about half way. Then i would lay back down on top of the covers and start jacking off. My hope was for her to see me. Well, i don't know if she ever did or not because when i would see her coming down the hall, i would close my eyes and keep jacking off.

Then after i heard her go in her room it was right next to mine i would wait till she turned out her light and all got quiet. Then i would start jacking off kinda loud, you know, breathing hard and fast, moaning. My bed would be shaking and squeaking and i just knew she HAD to hear me and know her little boy is jacking off.

That in itself, excited the hell outta me for some reason. Anyway, as soon as i knew she had to be listening, and heard me, i would cum. Of course nothing came out of my dick, but it felt fantastic. She never did say anything to me about it. Over the next 10 years or so when i lived there, i let her "accidently" see me in bed naked with a hard-on a lot of times. Even after i left home and got married, i still thought about fucking my mom. When we'd go to visit, or my mom comes here, i'm always checking out those big legs, saggy tits, big belly, and big ass.

Jump ahead to today. She is now A while back i was on this site watching videos of mom and son, the older moms and sons, and started thinking about my mom. I figured what the hell, i'm gonna try something, so I called her over. When she got here, i started telling her my story about how i haven't had sex in years because of wife's medical condition. She then surprised me when she said she just KNEW this was going to be about sex.

She said she could hear it in my voice. Anyway, she flat out said, "I won't have sex with you. Again, she said no. I pleaded with her but to no avail. Then, i asked her,"How about just watching me jack off? I'm actually going to jack off in front of my mom, i thought to myself. She was sitting on the couch and i was in the recliner. I slowly stood up and started to unbutton my pants. I saw her eyes go right to my crotch.

Her eyes stayed fixed on my crotch when i pulled my hard dick out. I walked over and stood right in front of her and started jacking off. She had a skirt on and i asked her to pull it up just a little. I dam near had to beg, but she finally pulled her skirt up some. Actually i was probable the only one that thought that but i was tryin to make her feel better so she'd show me a little more. Anyway, after i told her that, she pulled her skirt up to where i could barely see her panties.

It didn't take 4 or 5 strokes until i squirted cum all over her legs. She jumped back and said, "dam you, now clean it off! I went and got her a washcloth. I knelt down in front of her and started rubbing the cum off her bare legs with my hand. I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her leg up to her crotch and back down. I noticed her start to breath a little harder. About the fourth time my hand was sliding up her leg under her skirt, i touched her pussy. She let out a big sigh and tilted her head back.

I tried to keep feeling her cunt but she pushed my hand away. I didn't want to push it so i agreed That was about three months ago. Since then, i've jacked off in real incest with mom of her at her house a bunch of times. If i go early enuff, she's getting ready for work and isn't dressed yet. She'll sit on the couch with her nitie pulled up and watch me jack off and cum.

She hasn't let me touch her since that first time, but she's showing me more and more all the time. Yesterday, i went over real early. She was still in bed. I took off all my clothes and layed down beside her. She woke up and asked me, "is this helping you with your problem? Thank you soooo much," i said. Then i pulled the covers down off her. Her nitie was already way up showing her panties. She went to pull it down when i asked her to leave it there. She looked at me for what i thought was hours, then she lifted her hand and real incest with mom back. I scooted a little closer to her and turned on my side a little bit so she could see my dick better.

I started jacking off really close to her leg. Right then i started cumming. The first squirt went across both her legs, and the rest went up on her belly. To my surprise, she didn't jump up or nothing. She just gave real incest with mom a big breath and told me to go get something to clean up my mess. I took a washcloth to her and she said,"I'LL clean it mister. Tonight i'm going to talk to her about what i used to do back years ago. I want to know if indeed she ever saw or heard me jacking off. I'm also going to tell her i used to jack off with her panties.

Real incest with mom

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