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Basically anything that encourages viewers to upvote your post whether directly or indirectly. Titles like that make the sub look spammy and if we allow it then all of the posts will soon use them. Try to keep the titles fun, r girlswithglasses and entertaining. And also don't directly advertise your Onlyfans - that will result in an instant permanent ban. Titles that are not allowed include but are not limited to : to the XX people who will see this for those sorting by new my posts never do well here DMs, PMs welcome anything about stopping scrolling smash or pass, would you fuck me?

Just please don't do it. Oops I'm bursting out i. My auto timer hates me i. Do you notice my glasses i. Hwhe xo i. You like when I bounce boobs :3?! Cum on my glasses first and then on my ass i. Did i make you stop scrolling? Pound my ass until my glasses fall down i. Ready for another long day at work i.

It's too hot to wear anything but my glasses. Who's man enough to pull my panties to the side amd fuck me in any hole? How about glasses AND booty!? I don't need glasses to see I have a cute ass! Stay home? Would you hire me if I came to work dressed like this? Maybe I should wear more than just my glasses at home i. Who needs pants anyway? My first post hereā€¦. Lean into me i. Frames and monocles are allowed, sunglasses are not. Snapchat glasses filter is also not allowed. Promoting Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram s, or linking to commercial third-party sites is an instantly bannable offense.

This includes Instagram watermarks on pictures and the like. Selling services of any kind is not allowed. Hardcore content might be allowed, but both the girl and the glasses must be clearly visible r girlswithglasses in focus.

R girlswithglasses

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