Quest failed vndb

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. In your opinion, is 13 Sentinels a visual novel? Yes, I think it aligns closely enough with the genre's prominent traits to be considered one. Votes: Votes: 85 Total voters Prev 1 2 3. First Prev 3 of 3 Go to. Nameless Member. Oct 25, 9, Free environmental exploration, optional environmental interactions, progression that routinely relies on going to correct area or interacting with the correct object in a certain sequence, the memory system, the RTS battles.

When I pull up let's plays of Steins Gate or Danganronpa or any other go to VN, it's an entirely different thing than what 13 Sentinels is, and that's ok. If the exact same game otherwise had a Western art style and dev, no one would be calling it a VN. Viale One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 5, ScOULaris said:. The theory that someone at the site didn't want 13S to interfere with their current Top 20 rankings may or may not hold water, but I can see the logic. If 13S is a visual novel, then it's without a doubt the best one ever made.

Click to expand Nameless said:. When I pull oh let's plays of Steins Gate or Danganronpa or any other go to VN, it's an entirely different thing than what 13 Sentinels is, and that's ok. If the exact same game has a Western art style and dev, no one would be calling it a VN. Stoze Member. Oct 26, 2, Exzyleph said:. From what I remember, 13 Sentinels the test failed mainly based on two points, namely a lack of narration and that reading was constantly interrupted by the need for the player to interact with the game.

And while I am on the fence quest failed vndb whether or not 13S should be listed on VNDB, I think that those are a pretty good set of guidelines in general. Otherwise you end up in the situation where basically every text heavy or story focused game is considered a VN. Oct 25, 13, I mash next on the text so fast that it sure feels like a VN. Pellaidh Member. Oct 26, 1, The gameplay aspects don't quest failed vndb matter all that much. Utawaruremono is 7 in the rankings, and that has much more and much better gameplay than 13 Sentinels. Personally, I wouldn't really count it as a Visual Novel.

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It just doesn't deliver its narrative in the same way most Visual Novels do - it's almost entirely dialogue focused, the flow of conversations with picking quest failed vndb is closer to a Bioware game than to VNs, and the constant interruptions are closer to an adventure game than they are to a VN. Much like how I wouldn't consider Western parser IF, adventure games, or other forms of interactive fiction to be Visual Novels.

NightShift Member. Oct 25, 5, 'straya. I don't know much about visual novels but I looked up "persona" and apparently those don't count. Persona feels a lot more like a novel to me than 13 Sentinels. ShyMel Moderator. Oct 31, 3, I remember reading about the deletion last year and was not that surprised.

The staff is very much in favor of following their guidelines, which le to things like Zero Time Dilemma not having a listing. Dec 21, 16, It's an adventure game.

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GhostTrick Banned. Where does the accusation that 13S was removed to protect Muv-Luv even come from? And what is it based on? I've pretty much only seen it repeated by people on twitter who just state it as fact. Son of Sparda Community Resettler Member.

Oct 25, 8, I thought it was more of an adventure game than a visual novel in the sense that you weren't locked into a scene with character portraits and giant text boxes covering most of the screen. When I think visual novel, that's usually what I think, so in that specific way, I do think 13 Sentinels is more than just a VN.

Yappadappadu Member. Perspective is different as well. MeepMerp Member. May 2, Should be brought back if quest failed vndb to make people angry. Hexa Member. Oct 25, 3, Game genre restrictions are arbitrary with no clear universal guidelines, and thus ultimately depend on whoever is running the sites definition. All the other guidelines listed are really flexible and don't really matter.

AI Somnium is also a VN. Oct 29, 2, Jun 9, Witch of Miracles said:. Now hold your horses there mate. Umineko still exists. Apr 17, Oct 25, It, and a few other titles that are listed on VNDB, aren't really pure VNs, but I still think they should be welcomed to the site due to the high level of crossover interest. I would also argue for the inclusion of Zero Time Dilemma despite it leaning more into Telltale-style adventure due to its connection with and VLR which are absolutely visual novels. Scheris Member. Oct 27, The fact they have Danganronpa as a VN but deny this game is proof their criteria is a joke.

Kaguya Member. Jun 19, 5, Congrats for the pointless poll, OP. Jun 20, 1, Both should not be considered as a visual novel at least the one on ps4 should not. A visual novel are game like higurashi, umineno, muv luv, stein gate, ever 17, g senjou no maou etc Slaythe Member. Nice way to completely fuck up your poll.

Pellaidh said:. Nov 2, 3, Norway. I'm currently playing it and having a great timebut personally I'm having a very tough time placing it! It feels like a s adventure game almost with SRPG. Usually I'm not that into VNs but this has me hooked big time. Regardless of the genre it should be played :. Feign Member. In many ways it feels like the evolution of the DS adventure games that mixed typical VN presentation with touch screen gameplay.

That's something I've been waiting years for. However, I've never really tried to classify them, because they are both varied in content while being singular in vision. Like, what would you classify Layton as? Despite the varying genres, all engage with genre tropes while creating something new and exploring the potential quest failed vndb their respective medium to tell a story.

I don't know how I'd qualify that, but finishing those games all left me with a very similar feeling that I haven't gotten anywhere else. Kaguya said:. They really don't, though:. Oct 27, 8, It's definitely its own thing, but I wouldn't classify it as a VN. Exzyleph Member. Irene Member. Feb 22, I'd say that it's more closer to a Point-and-Click adventure game. I's not just pure text.

Also baffles me a bit that people consider Phoenix Wright a VN.

Quest failed vndb

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