Poker night at the inventory 3

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Poker Night at the Inventory 3 is a poker video game developed by Telltale Games. It is the sequel to Poker Night 2 and, like its predecessor, features crossover characters from different franchises. Like the original game and its sequel, Poker Night at the Inventory 3 is a computer-based poker simulation between an unseen participant the player and four characters. In addition to Texas hold 'em style of play, Poker Night at the Inventory 3 includes Omaha hold 'em as well.

Reginald Poker night at the inventory 3 Winslow voiced by Roger L. Like its installments, the game features unlockable in-game card, chip and table des, as well as "Bounty Unlocks" for completing certain goals, which unlock Mortal Kombat 11 content and, depending on the platform played, Borderlands 3 items on Steam, Xbox Avataritems, or PlayStation 4 themes. Simultaneously using chips, cards, and tables sharing the same theme alters the de of the Inventory, opening up new conversation possibilities.

Players can also buy the other characters drinks in order to more easily expose their tells. As a professional belly-dancer, she can use her belly dance for teleportation and transformation. While this might be her first time playing Texas Holdem, Shantae is a passive player, often calling and checking to see the full river. If she reaches the full river, she will either bet, check, or fold.

Even if she has a good hand, she will bet and raise as sparingly as possible and rarely goes all in. In short, Shantae is loose and passive poker player. Should Shantae be chosen to place down a bounty from the player to earn, she will bet a jar of Magic Jam, a cherry-flavored jelly that can be traded in for magical equipment in a item store in Scuttle Town.

Should the player win the Magic Jam jar, they will earn a new Kustomization for Sonya Blade a ponytail similar to Shantae in Mortal Kombat 11 and a new Repeater Pistol a flintlock pistol for Borderlands 3. Should the player use the same Shantae theme for the chips, cards, and poker table, the Inventory alters into that of a pirate ship, with wooden planks as its main base, Tinkerbats roaming around the Inventory, and Shantae having a minor change in clothing, wearing a Jolly Roger bandana and holding a belt with a cutlass in its holster.

Doing this also unlocks new conversations regarding to the current theme and shows new elimination cutscenes. After declaring that he will be his only friend in the future, Bender quits his attempts to kill himself and s with Fry in the Planet Express as a crew member.

Despite already having knowledge of Texas Holdem, thanks to his gambling addiction, Bender is a extremely aggressive player, often placing bets and making raises on otherwise weak hands in a attempt to make his players fold. In essence, Bender bets big but backs down just as easily. Should Bender be chosen to place down a bounty for the player to earn, he will begrudgingly bet in the Le Grand Cigar, a special cigar that was made from a piece of the original United States Constitution, hand-rolled by Queen Elizabeth II in her wild years and was buried with George Burns until grave robbing space mushrooms stole it.

Should the player use the same Futurama theme for the chips, cards, and poker table, then the Inventory will alter into that of the inside of Planet Express and Bender will be wearing attire similar to a king. Doing this also unlocks new conversation opportunities and shows unique elimination cutscenes. Despite the normality it sounds, she possess a sense of hyperawareness and meta-computer knowledge; she is very aware that she is a fictional character in a video game and knows how to manipulate the character files of each character. Being a third year student in Japan, Monika is a exceptionally intelligent poker player, knowing how to bluff properly and trick people to making bad poker decisions.

However, she will also rarely call bets her opponents make, preferring to fold on them rather than waste more chips. Overall, Monika is a tight, but aggressive, poker player. Should Monika be chosen to place down a bounty for the player to earn, she will happily bet in her notebook full of poems she had wrote down during her time in the literature club. Should the player use the same Doki Doki Literature Club theme for the chips, cards, and poker table, then the surroundings of the Inventory will alter to that of a classic dating simulator school, with Monika wearing more casual clothing rather than her school uniform.

Raiden is a God of Thunder who resides in an alternate Earth called Earthrealm, where he works with the Special Forces to defeat the dark forces of Outworld, the Netherrealm, and other malicious realms. With Texas Holdem being the first Earthrealm game he has ever played, he usually has no idea what he is doing. Despite this, he is one of the most honest poker players in the tournament, usually folding if he has a bad hand and rarely bluffs. Overall, Raiden is a tight, but passive, player. Link for all possible Poker Conversations. Idea Wiki Explore.

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Poker night at the inventory 3

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Poker Night at the Inventory 3