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Please ensure that you are using 2. As of 0. Any other version of RAGS is still not a good idea. No Haven Current Version 0. Hypnopics Collective thread. Genre is… complicated. It started off as a bit of amusement to see if I could make a version of the DOFF system from the STO mmo, and it has since massively expanded from there.

Includes a complex name, character, and no haven game generators to the point I think you could use it as inspiration for your own pencil and paper rpgs. Currently in active development. There is now a wiki under construction here not created or edited by myself. There are more unique standard starts from the more straightforward ones that have been requested by patrons. Note that is is mainly for standard starts as some of these either lose their more unique traits and aspects if you full custom them.

You can find a link to it at the top of my recommendations index. Keep reading. First welcome to a whole bunch of new people who I assume are from the Collective. Glad to have you aboard! These will be fairly tricky and rare to earn, but they will make life a lot easier while you have them and for as long as you can keep them. Was deeply narked with myself at after complaining I was over complicated things promptly then added a bunch more complication…. Quite a few things in fact! Not looking at it too much as I really need to concentrate on getting this out, but when I was selecting the new portraits for the change on each eace I did put together a new Neko, Human, and Drow portrait for post femming up.

The Drow one is just utterly ridiculously over the top but I quite like it. Come to no haven game conclusion that I want to get No Haven completely bug free before moving on, and to no haven game testing interesting that means adding more stuff. Yes that makes sense, shush. The games currently lacking in transformation outside of the rare race asment so this asment will be providing some of that good stuff. Any bugs you can either let me know about them here or in the discussion thread on TFgames. Turns out there was an ultra nasty bug affecting the game that I really should have noticed before.

As always the full patch list will be on TFgamessite in the thread. Hence incredibly rushed not at all tested hotfix version. I think this also counts as a progress update for today as bloody hell… There is a bug that tormented me for the last several hours solid and I only solved it by exporting the debug logs into notepad and going it through line by line… NIGHTMARE! Damn quality day today. Managed… eventually to solve a really nasty error that took a whole bunch of hunting down. Spotted another crash which was causing the game to have problems past the first few weeks.

More importantly though butt description is now in the game! Also while I was there I added a skin colour description mechanic. Personally I reckon the Examines on everyone are beginning to look really quite fantastic in building a picture in terms of description of who you have around. No Haven Please ensure that you are using 2. Patron provided commissioned art for portrait, examine, and aspect task. Has a specific examine lore. Edited together specific examine. Patron provided portrait, examine and aspect commissioned art.

Has specific very submissive mechanics and examine details tied to her second-in-command. Patron provided commissioned portrait and examine art. Patron provided funded portrait and examine art. And now some Q and indeed A. Progress Update - No Haven Come to the conclusion that I want to get No Haven completely bug free before moving on, and to keep testing interesting that means adding more stuff.

Hotfix : No Haven 0. But yay theoretically sorted now. Also other stuff like a tutorial. Testing 1,2,3 : No Haven Damn quality day today. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos.

No haven game

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