Maid walkthrough

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This comprehensive guide will help you through all of the objectives as well as explain the different items and endings and how to obtain them. Taking place in a remote hotel with a setting and story inspired by British and Welsh folklore, there is no combat and instead you must rely on stealth to make it through to the end. The game opens with a letter from your lover, Elisabeth. After you finish reading it, examine Music Sheet: Thomas Evans on the table and exit the train cabin. Go down the hall and open the two doors at the end. Walk down the path past the train and take a left down the trail until you reach the small room with the piano.

Use the gramophone to save and head out through the back door. Go down the right trail until you reach the pond with the mysterious vanishing light and the dog. Once the dog runs off, open the gate and take the right path, then a left at the end to reach the hotel. At the gate, look to your right and open the wooden door to find a crank inside. Turn it to open the gate and enter the hotel. Go down the hall, open the main door, and take a left to answer the phone and speak maid walkthrough Elisabeth again, who will tell you the hotel is unsafe and she's hiding upstairs.

As she describes it, those who once resided in the hotel have become dangerous, so you need to find cylinders to create a musical harmony to restore their minds as you do. Across from the phone you can find Isaac's Grand Reopening Note on the desk. In the corner to the right of the desk, unlock the latch to get behind the desk. On the right side of the room is a suitcase that contains a map that will expand your ground floor map. In the grand hall, below the stairs, open the door to your right maid walkthrough enter the east wing. Take your first left into the room with the green lamp to use the gramophone and save.

Across the hall, a man named Henry Hughes will ask you to free him from the room he's locked in. Unfortunately for him, there's nothing you can do and he'll promptly be attacked.

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Take the next right into the southeast region of the ground floor. Look to your right to find Music Doll. Turn around and go east past the room with what looks like a fuse box inside. Now close to the very southeastern portion of the map, flick the switch on the right side of the wall to turn out the power in the area.

Turn back around and interact with the fuse box. Back where you flicked the switch, you'll now find a trail of blood leading behind a locked door. Leave it for now. Return to the main hall in the east wing and go directly east to the large room where you'll see the mysterious vanishing light again.

On the podium you'll find Williams Family Bible. Near the statue behind the chair, pick up Cylinder - Cerberus and note the skull on the opposite statue you'll need this later. Go back to the area with the trail of blood where the blood originates from and look on the right wall to take the elevator down. Take a left and go down on the hall. On your right, a strange figure will smash a man maid walkthrough the glass and injure you.

Go down the left hall and look for a door on your right leading to a small room. From the desk, pick up Blodwin's Nervous Tonic and use it to heal yourself. Follow the telephone ringing to the main north room to speak to Elisabeth again, then take the west door out to the next room with lots of crates and barrels in it. Open the next door to find sacks hanging from the ceiling. Take Music Doll from the table. Follow the light west into a cramped passageway.

Move the slabs, after which the masked man will appear again. Hold your breath until he leaves, then take a right until you come to the hallway. At the end, open the latch and use your map to find your way to the northeast section of the passages to enter the room with dust in the air. Hold your breath periodically to avoid being seen maid walkthrough you follow the light. Next to the candles and barrels you'll find another Blodwin's Nervous Tonicand in the southwest portion of the room you'll find a furnace with Music Sheet: Henry Hughes inside.

Flick the fuse box switch to your left at the end of the hall, then press the button to the right of it to unlock the door. Go up the stairs and use the gramophone to save. Head into the clearing where one of the masked men awaits. Take care to stay hidden and find Music Doll on the boxes to your right.

Wait for him to go to the right side of the campfire, then make your way around left, holding your breath as necessary to avoid coughing from the smoke. Go straight, toward the next campfire and through the archway the dog runs through, into the cemetery.

Find the casket with candles on top to acquire Blodwin's Nervous Tonic. Find the grave marked "Prudence" and dust it off, after which maid walkthrough masked men will enter the cemetery, one of which will spot you, prompting you to fall below ground. Make your way through the passageway.

To your left a short ways you'll find Jebediah's Cult Letter. Open the green door on the right to save using the gramophone. Continue following the lanterns until you reach the mysterious vanishing light. Turn around and take an immediate right.

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Go through the next passage until you reach the room with the switch in the middle. Hit it to move the mine cart, then walk up the plank into the next area. Avoid the masked men as you make your way to the right side of the area to flip the switch on the wall. Behind that switch next to a gate and a patrolling masked man is a circular button. Hit that as well, and also the circular switch in the center of the area, just in front of the masked man guarding the tracks, who will run to see maid walkthrough going on.

Go down the tracks he was guarding and hit the switch on the left, then return to the gate by the circular switch and open it. Enter the lift and pull on the lever to ascend. Now in the chapel, take Jebediah's Ritual Notes from the table behind the pews. On the rear left pew you may find Blodwin's Nervous Tonic. In quick succession, hit the two switches on either side of the gate to open it. Follow the light through the woods to see the ritual play out in front of you.

Turn around and follow the light again, this time to the wooden gate. Open it and the door behind it. Take your first left and open the green door to find a gramophone and save. Go now southeast use your map past the statue on the ground until you see the purple mist.

Use your map to navigate these next sections. Avoid the masked men and head through the mist hold your breath to avoid coughing and up the stairs until you're in the east portion of the map. Take the path to the left of the statue of the two men, then take another left to find a door in the bottom right section of the map. Check in with Elisabeth and pick up the map from the box next to the telephone booth. Maid walkthrough the door across from the booth and proceed northeast to the circular area indicated on your map Sker Point, according to the pointing there.

When you reach the shrine-like area, look carefully at the bells surrounding the area for cardinal directions and ring the bells as follows: E-W-E-N.

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Inside the shrine, take Cylinder - Hero. Back where you last spoke to Elisabeth, open the east door and proceed to the fountain. Grab Blodwin's Nervous Tonic from the fountain then go straight ahead. In the right room you'll find a gramophone; straight ahead you'll find the Phonic Modulatorwhich is used to "stun" the masked men.

You only get one use for the time being, which you may want to use to escape the two men now behind you. Take the west exit next to the gramophone room; the ly locked door next to it will now conveniently be unlocked. Before you open it, be sure to take 2x Phonic Modulator Cartridge from the desk just maid walkthrough the gramophone room. Walk up the stairs after which you'll encounter another enemy. Use your map and navigate around him to the northeast section of the meadow where you'll come upon a fuse box switch.

Hit it, then hit the gate button look for the question mark on your mapthen hit the second fuse box switch in the northwest corner, followed by the gate button again, thus opening the gate. Note: before you go, you can pick up Phonic Modulator Cartridge from the center of the meadow. Once it's open, run like hell straight toward the door or you'll be killed by masked men.

Finally back in the hotel, look to your left to find another Phonic Modulator Cartridge in the seating area. Open the door down the hallway to be greeted by a show, after which a masked man will smash through the window and come looking for you. Sneak around him and take Kraken Key from the treasure chest on the stage and use it to unlock the door to the left of the stage.

Take a right and go to the end of the hall. Open the door and answer the phone to check in with Elisabeth again and update your objective. Still using the map, go north through the current room toward the question mark to find a projector.

Turn it on and it will reveal the locations of the three remaining cylinders. Return to the area where you found the aforementioned map west side of Grand Hall; use west hall to get inside and use the Beer Tap to replace the missing tap on the desk. Use the taps in the order to make a secret ladder appear in the middle of the Grand Hall.

Return to the Grand Hall and climb the ladder behind the statue you saw after using the taps to find yourself on the First Floor. Maid walkthrough and open the door in front of you and answer the phone on the left to begin the next objective.

Head into the next room with the destroyed wall and take Jebediah's Journal from the desk. Unlock and open the door to the right of the desk to find yourself back in the main room. Take the northwest exit Room then open the green maid walkthrough on the left to find the gramophone and save. Go down the right hallway and look to your left. Enter Room and take the map from the case on the desk. Exit from where you came in and continue down the hallway past Room and into the door at the end of the hall you'll need to stop holding your breath in order to open the door, naturally.

Take Crank Wheel from the tank at the end of the room. Ignore the crawlspace and go through the door from whence you came mind the masked men. Take a left, then straight until you reach the maid walkthrough room and look for the door in the back right corner which will lead you to the bathroom with the broken wall again.

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Take a left and look for the bells on your right and hit them in the following order: again, mind the masked man. Grab Broken Crest Piece from the model ship next to the bells. Open the left door and go down the hallway until you see the "red room" to your right.

Maid walkthrough

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