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Highlighting and amplifying community voices is core to the Xbox Ambassadors community. We received hundreds of responses and, with much consideration, selected the following to share. And here they are:. This is a m2f games one! Today at the time of story submission we are talking about Mass Effect with the Legendary Edition releasing in a week. When I first started playing the first Mass Effect, I was not out but was curious and on my first play through I played a straight man romancing Liara. However, as I played and replayed the entire Mass Effect trilogy, I found myself comfortable in playing as a male romancing Kaiden or a female romancing Liara, and so on.

I was comfortable in any romance at some point and Mass Effect honestly helped uncover my pansexual identity because, from early on, all romance options were truly viable and it let me explore that to an extent. It did not completely define either character, it simply existed. Not everyone is the same cut and copy, just like how we are in real life. It just hit me that I related to Commander Shepard in so many ways including my recent discovery of my bisexuality and how that was always why I could never choose between which characters to date regardless of their gender in the game.

I guess we are just drawn to become friends from that shared similarity before we even know it. But the way that I met all these amazing people who love and accept me is just a feeling I never want replaced. Sometimes it would spark up an open-minded conversation and other times it would lead to tears and finding myself having to mute my squad mates.

Wanna squad up again sometime? I think that so many times we, as humans, forget that everyone else is human. That inside we are all the m2f games. Growing up in a homophobic area and battling with my sexuality m2f games my entire youth, I sought escape in the one thing I really enjoyed: video games. I was 13 when I first played Borderlands 2 and Moxxi initially stood out as the most obviously bisexual character. Torgue, and Tannis to name a few. Hammerlock was already my favorite character, but learning this ranked him that much higher!

As a girl, I have always loved girls ever since I can remember. We first kissed at around 10 years old and it never felt not normal. We were both very lucky to have parents who never thought it was wrong, and so we grew in a very happy and tolerant environment. Now we are both 21 and never really had to do a coming out and also never really felt as a lesbian couple being treated any differently from anyone else.

Maybe being able to play an LGBT character in some games helped some others to feel better but I doubt it. ing the Ambassador program has been a memorable experience for me. As a gay man, it feels good to see representation in video games. Even being able to create a character that represents who you are and to be able to have a story that displays gay relationships allows us to see that in the world of gaming, everyone is welcome.

This is not always the case, though! I played GTA V with an amazing crew from all over the world for years and we became nothing short of a family. We shared so much together: joy, laughter, sorrow, marriages, and even death…. As we fired our flares, fireworks, and guns into the air, we all knew that our crew would never be the same but we always would have in common the fact that we were brought together by her unconditional and accepting love.

I still keep in touch with some of the crew to this day and a few even came to my wedding when I married my husband. In a world m2f games can be dark and scary people often turn to games to find an escape… I found a family instead. While I have not personally played any games featuring these characters, I have played with some of my other fellow gamers who are a part of the community in games such as GTA Online, Call of Duty, etc. We have always had a blast. I have even taken an in-game photo once of me and another friend who is a part of the community think of a virtual selfie! We had a m2f games of fun that day and I always love being able to get together with people, both new friends and old ones, and find a game we can enjoy m2f games.

We love to get together and host game nights and we always have such a blast! So, it was a new experience for me, especially since I had only known the people who had attended via both their Facebook and their Discord server, both of which I am a part of. I look forward to being able to attend another game night with CGN. One of my favorite examples of representation in video games is Life is Strange. Back when the game dropped, I could totally relate to the main character Max Caulfield on a level that I never experienced before and I play story driven games a lot.

Ever since I was a teen, I always had these question and confusions about myself. Of course, we all were talking about her personality and behavior but deep down I knew there was more than that, even though I was scared to accept it. Fast forward to last year I was talking to a wonderful friend of mine, you know that type of friend you are not scared to share your deepest darkest secrets with. I told her everything from my feeling of attraction to same gender to experiences that I had and genuinely enjoyed but never talked about with anyone.

Wonderfully, I decided to come out to my close friend circle just to realize four of my close friends are actually bisexuals and they all have guessed it before I even realize it myself. Thank you once again to everyone for sharing their stories. We understand it is not always easy to share personal experiences publicly, so we really do appreciate every single one. Happy Pride Month! Community header Season Tags: Community. Fifthpaw June 1, Article.

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