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How the hell do I get to the top of new arc city and how do I get out of it? I think my game is glitched super bad as I got to the bdsm part with Fawn and I go to her house but she says im not ready to learn to dom? IS that what I have to do?

The only other character who I did anything with is the bathlady who I can go behind counter with.

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Also the police lady event isn't triggering despite masturbation in 5 public restrooms that were different. Is my game broken? I've seen all the events with Fawn except the delayed one where the wiki says she goes to university but again I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. This game needs a guide for people to check to see if they got a glitch or not. When meeting Fawn, or when the event shows where you can enter Fawn's apartment without knocking on the door, enter, and sleep beside her.

For the police lady, you need to sleep at your apartment afterwards!

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Doesn't sound like your game is glitched! How do I sleep beside Fawn? I've done all the events in the club and even the bar event but every time I go to her place its just the same two options.

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Talk about how she became a dom or try and learn to be a dom which is greyed out and says im not ready. I've been to her about an entire weeks worth of times after seeing all the events and nothing has changed. I did sleep at my place many many times since and police lady hasn't shown up. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games.

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Lust Doll community. How do I get out of new arc? A topic by xivai created Mar 11, Views: Replies: 6. Viewing posts 1 to 5. Meet fawn in coledge.

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Is that what you wanted? It's not in the game yet! Log in to reply the discussion.

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Lust doll upper new ark

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