Lost heir walkthrough

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It was created with the aid of many fellow game enthusaiasts. I personally give them high ratings for story and player involvement. They are just text, no graphics or sounds, but your imagination can easily fill in the blanks, especially if you are a fan of fantasy media. Disclaimer- I did not create the Lost Heir games, nor do I own them. I created this document for entertainment and to help others play the games.

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There are spoilers for the game plots inside. I intend no financial profit from these documents. If you wish to give praise, constructive criticism, correction, or any other feedback, please me at dougelder21 yahoo. My work can be hosted at GameFAQs and any other site that obtains my permission. Please contact me at the address listed above. Sorry I couldn't write a complete Let's Play on your forums, but hopefully this is close enough to give many players aid. Act 1- Recovery. Part 1- Securing Tornassa Victory in the Siege. Part 2- Escaping Tornassa Defeat in the Siege.

Act 2- Journey to Vernex. Act 3- Consortium University. Act 4- Final Class Level. Act 5- To Brightwater! Act 6- Waiting on a Boat. The Grand Tournament. Act 7- Sea Voyage. Act 8- Som'Reth Island. Act 9- Voyage Home. Final Mission- The Demon Realm. Renata, Neutral Princess. Alec, Evil Prince. Bernie, Good Prince. Emily, Good Princess. Malcolm, Evil Prince. You are also a fantasy hero or heroine, skilled in swordplay, magic, and other staples of the genre. Approximately ten years ago, your family was overthrown, your parents killed, and your kingdom destroyed by an evil conspiracy headed by a Demon Summoner and his corrupt Noble allies.

You escaped with one of four possible Mentors, then built up your character further while in hiding. When you emerged from hiding, you became an Adventurer. You ed up with your Mentor, a large Fighter, a shadowy Black Mage, a quiet Archer, and either a playful Thief or a stalwart Cleric you choose which of the last two characters you get. Together, your party completed various quests in the first Lost Heir game and then at the climax confronted the Demon Summoner and defeated his Warrior ally.

This came at terrible cost- your Mentor was killed, along with possibly one other character if the battle did not go well. Two others among lost heir walkthrough companions were taken prisoner by the enemy Nobles. You and the remaining one or two companions then went into hiding again.

In the second game, you emerged from hiding and took back your throne from the enemy Nobles- Uddo, Eddan, Bandar, and Selina. Maybe you even recruited a Giant and a Dragon! Then came war against your enemy Nobles, which they did not ultimately survive. Maybe you defeated them, maybe you didn't- either lost heir walkthrough you survived and they did not. You got back one ally who was captured in Lost Heir 1 while the other ally was turned against you through mind-control brainwashing.

You had to face your brainwashed ally in combat at the climax of Lost Heir 2- if you made it that far. If you were defeated, your ally turned back to your side in the end and saved you. Otherwise, they perished by their own hand or yours. Either way, your ultimate enemy- Zusak the Demon Summoner- then seized control of great power and started a conflict you must now address in Lost Heir 3.

In this game, you will challenge various Demons and other dangers, uncover Zusak's true motives and how you may thwart them, then undertake a great quest to gain the weapon that can slay the Demon Lord K'Girr. After that, you must venture into the Demons' own Realm to use the weapon and defeat Zusak- if you can! Throughout all this, you will further build your character, acquire mystical artifacts, develop friendships, complete side quests and main quests, find Romance, and do various other things one would expect in a CYOA fantasy game.

Character Listing Herein I shall list the characters, companions, and other possible allies and enemies you meet in this game. This is in part to summarize and remember whom we met in the last game. This is your created main character with the Skills and Class Levels you have given them. Your Mount- The steed you ride. Carrying over from the first two games, you can bring in one of six types of Horses or a Mule. Or maybe you will be walking. There is at least one additional possible Mount to gain in this game. This includes common animals like cats, dogs, hawks, bears, ravens, etc.

Under special circumstances, it can also include magical creatures like griffons, elementals, and owlbears. You can only have one Familiar at a time. I refer to all such creatures as Familiars during the walkthru for convenience. We have human Companions too, so that term needs lost heir walkthrough not be confusing.

They watched over you during your teenage years, trained you in various abilities, and ultimately gave their life to protect you.

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Perhaps they were also your love interest. They became your adventuring companion. They will become your adventuring companion after you meet them, and also your navigator in the twisted labyrinth of politics. Perhaps they will become your love interest too, if one of your five companions does not fill or retain this role.

The Prison Orphan- This is another new companion, you will rescue from their tormentor and possibly adopt.

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I'll say more about them in the walkthru below. Your Squire- Knights can acquire an additional companion during Act 5. There are four possible choices. See Act 5 for details. General Vale- The leader of your Army, a career military man.

Guard and War Master. Lord Tovor- Master of your Treasury, a bookish ant. Sage of no small talent. Archmage Cumari- Head of the Academy of Wizards. Master of Magic. Elves, Dwarves, Half-Orcs, Gnomes, and Halflings- The standard fantasy non-human people, all possible allies to your cause. Demons- These are immortal beings from another plane of existence with strange powers.

Lost heir walkthrough

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The Lost Heir 3: Demon War FAQ/Walkthrough