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Jackin Chat! Bashing the bishop, spanking the monkey, jerking off - whatever you like to call it, masturbation is a normal part of life. Most men masturbate and contrary to popular opinion, so do the women. In any case, genitals are an important part of your body, and it would be surprising if you were not more than a little curious about them.

Miss me with that bullshit. For starters, frequent orgasms help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and also reduce the likelihood of phimosis, tightness of jackinchat com foreskin. Like any pleasurable thing in life, fapping is fucking addictive, and if you are not careful, you can become an antisocial prick who is never interested in getting a real, organic pussy like some people we know.

Anyone who has had a cystoscopy, an examination of the bladder using a scope inserted through the urethra, will tell you it hurts as a motherfucker. That last part was scary as fuck, right? Finding a place to discuss your dirty fapping habits is hard pun intendedbut have you checked JackinChat yet?

Well, by the end of this review you should know why you should fucking do it. This site allows you to interact with other fap masters through live chats and posting messages on the various forums in the message board because ultimately, there jackinchat com fewer exciting topics to discuss than sex and masturbation. Not something I get to say about free sites every day.

A great, interactive community Like you would expect of a site largely based on sex and masturbation, JackinChat has a large community, and if you grab an which is free by the wayyou are not fucking leaving.

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Anyway, there are plenty of discussions doing round with hundreds of masturbation freaks happily taking part. It seems like a solid community and to give you a clue of how twisted this place is, the most recent visitor was a year old male from East of England! He must have recently rediscovered his libido, and with a shortage of girls willing to suck his limp cock, he was probably looking for new tips to go about bashing his bishop.

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There are no prizes for guessing that this place is teeming with jerking gherkins. More ladies, please! One thing that stands out in the message boards is the low of women. Get some fucking women in this place using whichever means necessary.

If you are so enthusiastic jackinchat com initiating conversations in the chatrooms, be assured that the majority of the replies will be from horny men. The sooner you come to terms with that reality, the better the experience will be for you. Porn forums also need to look modern! JackinChat has fallen into the same trap that other XXX forums fall into; awful de.

Maybe they gave the job to a fucking feminist who was probably trying too hard to get the recognition she fucking messed the whole thing up. I mean, no way a man with a pair of balls would do such an awful job. The home welcomes you with a thin stripe with the most active topics, mostly revolving about sucking cocks and stuff. I saw a topic jackinchat com the last celeb you came to. Everything else is a just a sea of plain blue, and if a member of the JackinChat team is reading this, you guys can do better than this.

Fuck it, I know a few amateurs that can do a better fucking job. Plenty of nastiness in the boards Not only is there lo of activity when you click on the board's tab on the header menu, but the conversations are also predictably nasty.

For Him is all about cocks and the things that horny, sexually starved freaks do to them with their dominant hands while For Her is all about masturbation discussions revolving around women, for instance, whether they enjoy seeing guys masturbating, what they think of mutual masturbation, masturbation tools, and such crap. There jackinchat com also general forums where everything and anything not necessarily sex-related is permitted. Needless to say, it is boring as fuck unless you want to discuss the coffee shops in your area.

Why you should check out JackinChat Naughty message boards; wanna know how other people go about their five knuckle shuffle business? The numerous message boards talking about masturbation should do you a world of good. All sexual orientations; the site realizes that everyone gets horny regardless of their sexual orientations and have gone about making them feel welcome. Active community; there are thousands of members which explains why the boards are buzzing with activity. Possible concerns Dated de; the team behind JackinChat could have done a much better job on the de which looks old awful.

Few ladies; there are not too many ladies at JackinChat with the majority of the boards are filled with men which is anything but exciting. Recommendations Can we have more ladies in the forum, please? These guys should do whatever it takes to entice more ladies to provide a much-needed balance and make the interactions livelier.

While at it, someone work on the fucking de for crying out loud. Final verdict If you love wanking and like talking about it with other wankers, JackinChat is the site for you. It is a safe place to discuss wanking without being ridiculed or looked down upon like some fucking loser. Whether you decide to stick around is your decision to make. Open JackinChat. JackinChat Sexy EGirls Forum. Social Media Girls Forum. Phun Forum. Vintage Erotica Forums. Top Premium Porn Sites.

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