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Topic locked. The last version of Pokemon Hentai Version is: January 31, Every Pokemorph created for the game Every cutscene picture in the game Reference material gallery characters, poses, outfits, expressions, personalities. Re: Hentai Pokemon Game update by humbird0 » Thu Feb 09, am haloman Wrote: Is there any actual fucking in this game or just nudity? Humbird0 pokemon only on the first city. Re: Hentai Pokemon Game update by humbird0 » Thu Feb 09, am shorterm Wrote: In the team rocket cave east of pewter, any time i face a female rocket member the background of the battle doesn't appear, i get health bars and fighters and the battle works, but i still see the room i'm in in the background.

Last edited by humbird0 on Thu Feb 09, am, edited 1 time in total. As for what I said ly. I just edited my post, its supposed to say "ditched" not "dissed". Shows how tired I am these days when I fail to spell properly, something I pride myself on I am very anal about written language, especially when English isn't my first language. A long time ago I offered to help you with art, but then I disappeared as I mentioned, and I feel bad for never getting back in touch. Re: Hentai Pokemon Game update by humbird0 » Thu Feb 09, am yillsemkcuf Wrote: This is a quick photo humbird0 pokemon image for the caterpie.

I dint worry over much about detail because I don't know how pixelated it will become. Also the layers have both a colored and uncolored version. Hope it helps. Just leave me a message on this fourm. Best forum group ever Assume humbird0 pokemon an ass out of you and me. So unless you want to get fucked, don't assume. I'm actually more accustomed to drawing and shading pictures, than doing sprite art. Probably because I get so picky about the fine details.

It's tempting to consider doing all the battle graphics as sprites since it would look more authentic. But on the other hand, can you really say no to THIS? Re: Hentai Pokemon Game update by Craftcrafter » Thu Feb 09, am humbird0 Wrote: keradi01 Wrote: I believe there was mention of a diglit pokemorph somewhere in the game but I've never actually seen one. Is it actually there or is it just something planned? Re: Humbird0 pokemon Pokemon Game update by testmonkey11 » Thu Feb 09, am Would you be interested interested in flash submissions or should they just be jpegs?

I'm just starting with flash and though I would try a pseudo trace before I started any new forms. Diglet stumped me cus diglet boobs just arnt hot Re: Hentai Pokemon Game update by duels53 » Thu Feb 09, am I am stuck in Pewter I have gone through every possible exit and every hidden cave. I have returned the picture and delivered the letter back to the mom. Where am I supposed to go?

Re: Hentai Pokemon Game update by Draconis » Fri Feb 10, am Well the rest of Diglet's body is under ground, and I don't see why becoming a Pokemorph should change that, so maybe just show their head? Leave the rest to the imagination?

Found these pics when looking around, some thing like these could be good. The blockwise movement in Pokemon was not as fun to play. As well, it's a great game; large and fun. There are some quirks to it, but overall it's nice. Contact the moderating team! Pokeball doesnt work it is strange need help.

Humbird0 pokemon

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