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Forgot your password? I would love to know will you translate Hapymaher -Fragmentation Dream. I still don't quite understand is this site part of translation projects or is it only a listing of translation projects or do translators also dwell here My apologies for the question but I'm quite occupied with my own goings on so I don't know when or will I read everything on the site.

Thanks for taking interest in my inquiry. This particular title is a fandisc of a game released by Mangagamer. For this reason, it is unlikely to get translated unless Mangagamer does it themselves. As for this forum, while some people willing to translate visual novels may be around at times, there really is little point in making thre asking for a title to hapymaher download translated, for anybody that could and wanted to do so would likely start or find projects for what they're interested in, not a random request.

So, ultimately, this is simply a forum for VN fans, and some people doing translations make thre here, but that does not mean that this is a forum dedicated to translations or translators. Whether Hapymaher FD will be translated or not is up to Purple Software seeing that they already going official, so you should ask Mangagamer in regard of this.

As for whether someone can translate it or not, I would say that it's up to whoever that would willing to endure such hard and long process and want to see the FD being translated. So my answer in regard on whether you want me to translate Hapymaher FD or not is I can't do it even if I want to see it translated, and I'm sorry about that. I have to agree with shogun here. It's up to the developers to have the fandisk translated.

Personally, I want to see it happen, but hapymaher download Purple decide not to do it, that is there choice to make. And if they refuse to have the sequel be translated then i won't buy the first part, which is my choice to make. I've picked it up as a project. TL;DR: Even if I can make a tl it'll most likely turn out very low quality due to lack of proper tools Needless to say, there's a lot of text to tl, however if you're looking for more routes-forget about it.

This vn simply doesn't have a single route. The limited selection of working tools is really annoying since you have to make due with what you have. And that would be a simple string replacer which wasn't even finished, so there are problems, but I believe I found the fix hapymaher download most of them. A little update on the whole situation. Backlog crashing the game is now fixed so the only thing remaining is the untranslated UI, which is a bit of a problem, seeing as no one has a tool for that I'll try digging a bit more but for now I'll just focus on tl work. I see someone did try to translate Hapymaher FD here.

In this case, good luck on the project. Good luck with the translation I'm looking forward to the game very much. After a bit of a pause on the project, I have found out the weird behavior of the backlog, turns out it's simplier than I thought, turns out that the cmvs engine only has a limited amount of lines available for the backlog, anything above 3 and it no longer has an asset for it to be placed in the backlog The only fix to this is shortening the dialogue to be less than 4 lines, as the way it was done on the original hapymaher tl was made with a secondary file for having more lines in the english version, and with these tools I cannot achieve that.

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