H visual novels

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Forgot your password? You may have noticed this tier list style is slightly different from the S through F that most people use. This month, I plan on starting on learning Japanese. So don't be surprised if a JOP tier list comes eventually, but not for a while. Wow, nice work I suppose. I'm guessing writing refers to the quality of the English text during the scene and presentation refers to the placement, portrayal, and overall "quality. Ahhh, h-scenes. They make me happy. If I have to be honest I'm not super into nukige.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Home All Activity Settings. Existing user? in anonymously. Search In. I have created a top 40 favorite Visual Novel H-scene tier list. Recommended Posts. AngeTime Posted September 4, edited. Edited September 4, by AngeTime. Share this h visual novels Link to post Share on other sites. Tsukishiro Posted September 4, Black Heart Posted September 5, Posted September 6, So nukige is not included?

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H visual novels

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