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Return to Non-Flash Projects. Advanced search. Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party work. Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. When posting content, please consider including a screenshot to help users to see what a game is like. Post a reply. Reply with quote Re: [Free][v0. Download links Here is Glassix 0. It's a major update which add some new interesting stuff to do in game and tweak a lot of things.

Since you guys were understanding, I took some extra time to polish the interface as well and review a few stuff. Here glassix cheats the details of this update : Girls updated : Kristina level 2 Emiri level 2 About the spells : Lily will open her shop 1 day after the player brings her Aiko. For players loading a save file, the event will automatically trigger when you walk in a street. Once this event unfolds, you have two ways to access her shop : either by going to the shrine, there will be a new icon to open her shop, or you can just talk to her when she becomes playable. To buy spells, you'll require a new currency, sexen, which is earned when you do perverted things with the girls.

Note that it requires the girls to be aware, so no sexen earned in doll mode or sleep. The amount glassix cheats sexen earned depends on how much a girl likes the act. Some girls will enjoy service while other will enjoy anal. You'll have to discover this by experimenting. Another way to earn sexen is to use the x-ray vision which will earn a small amount per girl depending on what you see below. As explained before, spells are split in 5 circles, which increase in power and requirements. Some of them will be upgradable some won't.

Some spells will focus on girls and you'll need to buy it multiple to unlock it for all girls. There are currently 28 spells in game, 5 of them not implemented yet. The new spell shop interface in game should be clear enough and shouldn't require more explanation about how it'll work. I'll let you discover the list in game Interface tweaks : Following this update, part glassix cheats the interface had to be reviewed and somewhat downgraded in the early game.

Some spells will unlock data and information which were ly accessible so don't be surprised. Here is a sum up of those changes : X-Ray mode is now limited to one layer at first and require to buy a spell to see below the underwear. The "Girl status" and "My Status" now have two distinct icons in the top right menu for easier access and their interfaces have been split too.

Most information in the "Bio", "Traits" and "H" tabs have been hidden until you unlock the specific spells. In a later update, you'll be able to discover those information by talking to girls and interacting with them instead of buying the spell if you want to improve immersion. Girls do not appear on the minimap anymore by default and require to buy a spell.

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Cheats are disabled by default and you need to enable them in the game options. Activable spells will unlock new buttons in the status s or the city map. I added tooltips to avoid confusion as to what those buttons do.

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Most of those spells use the same mechanisms as the cheats but cost stamina. I updated cheats to give max value at once to avoid multiple annoying clicks. I've disabled the text exits options in the game menus because it was causing troubles and I'm not sure anybody actually used it. The girls names should now be displayed alphabetically in the diverse list in game. Fun stuff : A new spell "Devil's tracker" introduces a new way to easily track your girls in town.

I hope glassix cheats like it :p I've added sounds here and there. The "Spells" tab in the "My Status" interface will give you quick access to the list of spells in game and their current ranks. Spells not implemented : Among the 28 spells, 5 are not yet implemented. Devil's gift - Luck : It will be added glassix cheats the money update and will increase your luck during gambles or events requiring luck.

Slave Mode : This one will be important and a requirement for the evil endings but will require a proper update since it'll change the way girls behave. You'll be able to select how they'll call you, unlock unique events and possibly partially overwrite their AI. Unlike doll mode, the girl will be totally under your control and show emotions. I still need to put some thoughts into it though since it's a long shot at the moment. Devil's Lust, Stop time, Possession : Those 3 spells are at the moment just there in name.

Not sure if they'll ever be implemented but they could add some new unique events or even ways to play the game so I added them to let your imagination kick in New cheats : Sexen and money : Click on the sexen or money texts to get max amount. Money is useless at the moment though. Obedience level : Click on the obedience level text in the girl status. Note that this might cause some troubles for some events which change some hidden variables values in game so you might want to be careful with that one. Last edited by Daedolon on Tue Jun 05, pm, edited 1 time in total.

You can buy items and give them to the girl for an affection bonus. Giving food will lower their hunger while giving them drinks will increase their bladder level. You can also eat food or drink drinks glassix cheats to restore stamina. You glassix cheats access and use your items in your statusItems tab. To give items to girls, just talk to them and you'll see a new option for that. The affection bonus will depend on either her food taste or her gift taste which can be discovered through one of Lily's spell at the moment.

The outfits type of items will be added later on once we've organized and produced all the images for their sexy casual outfits and sexy underwear. At the moment, I only added 15 items to see how it goes. Truth be told, I lacked inspiration for them so we'll be added a lot more with each patch and versions in the future. About the shops : I've only added 4 shops since they were not that many items yet but in the future, the town will have lots of shops. Shops can sell the same items but at different prices meaning it'll be interesting to discover the best spots for each type of items in the future at least.

The outfit and underwear shops will be added when the proper images have been prepared as explained just above. Those will sell the sexy casual outfits of most girls as well as the sexy underwear. The sexy work outfits will be unlocked through quests. By talking to the right girls at the right locations, you'll have access to an option to work with them and earn money.

Some girls will also glassix cheats to train certain skills for money. It's faster than doing it by yourself and can also lead to H options in a later update though The new extra girls : 3 of them are basically teller or saleswoman for the several shops and park in town. The 4th one is actually special and will be quite useful.

She is the mayor assistant. By getting friendlier with her, you'll be able to change the different work rules in town and basically unlock the sexy work outfits of other girls. But that'll also come later. I might not create games, but I will test them, Then I will give advice on what I think needs to be added, removed, or improved. Official bug tester of Dark Impulses, creators of pokemorph:Pink. Also, the Obedience event 2 for her the one where you watch a movie with her bf doesn't have any images.

Download links What's new? Added loader interface Added new sexy outfits for all girls Added bus and taxi system Added ability to change hero name New events for the harem path New options for blowjob command depending on girls The polish translation has been completed by Akla. Big thanks to him for the time he took!

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About the loader interface: When launching the game, a loader will appear first to give more information on what the game lo and where. This interface has two upsides : if they are any missing some files to run the game, a warning will be shown to help and quickly know the path and the files missing. Hopefully, we'll get more info with the loader to solve this issue. Besides the loader, I've also added some more bug reports in game when problems occurs, like missing image during sex scene so we'll be able to get more accurate information when an image is missing.

About the outfits: You can buy them in the clothes glassix cheats lingerie shops in the mall. Once you bought them, you still have to give them to glassix cheats with the "Give item" command. Then go the wardrobe and it'll be available. The girls will accept the gift at any level but will still need enough audacity to wear them. Last time, we talked about implementing a new layer system in the game to display each girl with 3 differents layers instead of 1 as it is now : naked, underwear and cloth layers. We ran some tests with this new system and there are still some quirks with it so we decided to not release it yet.

What it means concretelly for you is that with the current version, you will not be able to see the underwear below the outfits yet. For example, many sexy underwear have garterbelts but if the girl wear the sexy casual cloth, then the sexy underwear will not appear unless in x-ray mode. You can still make her wear only the sexy underwear if you want to see them though. Once the 3 layers system is implemented, you'll be able to see the underwear even when the girl wear some cloth above.

We're still thinking about wether to implement this for the sex images too, we'll release a poll about a few ideas we have to let patrons decide this part. I'm also aware that the wardrobe buttons are a bit strange now but they do work. Since I'll need the new layer system to correct glassix cheats behavior, I had to leave it as is for the moment. About the taxi and bus system: To travel faster in town as well as reducing clicks, you can now take the bus or ride a taxi.

To take a taxi, a new taxi icon is available in the city map. The cost depend on the time it'll take to go to your destination. About the custom hero name: Requested by some of you, I added this feature since it was not too difficult. When you start a new game, you'll be able to change the name of the protagonist.

For players using an older save, you'll have to load the game, save it to add the new key then edit the save file located in the saves folder, search for the string "mcname" and change it to whatever you want. Note that the custom naming ony works for english and french languages at the moment. I'll have to check with the russian and polish translators for their own languages since I heard it might be different.

About the new events of the harem path: The wiki not being ready yet CarpeNoctem is adding a lot of info in it and we'll release it once it's more completeI'll keep updating the patreon walkthrough for the time being. You can get more info on how to take this new path there. But basically, you will have two series of events to choose to unlock the harem path, before corrupting Anael's spell. About the bug correction: There was an issue with the version when saving games.

This caused some updates I made when loading save game to update game data not working. The last related problem to this was Emiri level 4 event which required a specific variable to be set which was not present until v 0. This is why glassix cheats of you couldn't trigger her event even though I told you should be able to in patch 0. Anyway the issue has been solve for the version but for Emiri's level 4 event, if you already triggered Naomi's confession event in v0.

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