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PornDude Funny Porn Sites. I love funny sex bloopers, PornDude! Can you recommend me XXX sites with free hilarious porn videos? Who doesn't love laughing with a compilation of crazy porn sites with bloopers, pics, NSFW pranks and hilarious sex movie parodies?

Hey, don't forget to reply with some epic troll comments and porn memes! With that said, behold my list of funny porno websites. What you get is a view of the bizarre, odd, awkward and humiliating moments of pornstars behind the scenes. You're gonna be laughing your ass off, when you see big cock erection failures, corny viagramovies with guys cumming too fast premature ejaculationsextreme ridiculous orgasms and pornstars arriving drunk, drugged or doped up on the set.

I also love the Howard Stern show and his crazy sex-filled interviews with sybians! First class cringe and trolling material, baby! What kind of weird porn fails can I expect to see? Give me some of the funniest examples, please! Example 1: I saw a porno clip of two ebony midget clowns pounding a crazy retarded granny.

The video started with an old beta male showing a piece of paper saying "I am a pathetic inferior white man, who cannot satisfy my wife sexually, so she has sex with superior black men. I am caged in a chastity device and I am a slave to all black men who fuck my wife. I proudly serve my black master and worship his superior cock and seed! Make her pregnant! Man, I thought that bald cuckold and racist motherfucker was going to get a heart attack!

The funny sex website begged and moaned "Please, cum inside me! I want a funny sex website baby! Once those 2 dwarfs emptied their ballsack in her unprotected gaping loose hole, he started to lick her fertile vagina clean like a real submissive cuck. Yes, you sick fucks can mail me for the link, if this sounds like instant boner material and I already made your dick precum a little bit, so you can finish!

Example 2: YouTube star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy a. Fuckboy was so nervous or gay that he was unable to get an erection. He kept jerking that schlong desperately, but failed, since pussy probably isn't his thing and then looked at the camera guy saying the legendary sentence "I can't get hard! Link: eFukt Vitaly does Bang Bus! Example 3: This humorous video takes us back to the vintage pornography funny sex website of the 90's and starts off with a bald douchebag that looks like that dude from the "Mr.

Clean" cleaning products giving an introductory of what we're about to witness. He le us into a building of what looks as the back entrance of a gay glory hole bar. Unfortunately, for you fucking homos that already started drooling thinking of a sausage fest party, we see some kind of freak sitting on a chair showing off the mother of all hairy pussies AKA "pusszilla".

This is something that you normally only see in a shitty B-horror movie, but I joke you not, this thing is real, alive, horny and ready for dick! The typical gay 90's porno movie music starts playing in the background and the female freak starts moaning the cheesy dirty talk lines that would make film director Harvey Weinstein nominate her for an Oscar such as "Fuck that pussy! Are you fucking serious? Not even Ron Jeremy, Chuck Norris or a damn horse dick on steroids would make that thing "cum" in a million years! Since Mr.

Clean's dick ain't doing the trick, he decides to start munching on "clitaroid" as his life depends on it and the Chewbacca muff starts squirting fucking jizz all over the place like it had been used as a cum dumpster in a pornography shoot. Jesus, dude, how much did they pay you for this? But, wait, there's more!? Just, as I thought that I've seen it all, it turns into a David Copperfield magic "fisting" show.

Baldy inserts his full fist, a water bottle, and his own giant bald head into her "grand canyon"! Is this what they call Oedipus' mommy complex? Rumors say that the Mexican cartels hired this chick to smuggle drugs over the American border, after seeing this scene. Hell, she's probably the reason why Trump wants to build "The Wall". He already has enough pornstars suing him for his sexual escapades! Link: eFukt The biggest pussy ever! PornDude, you're the fucking man! I can't wait to show some funny porn videos to my friends! Well, what are you waiting for, punk? If you had a bad day at work or your wife is having a fucking "headache" again, then my collection or compilation of sites are going to put a smile on your face!

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Funny sex website

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