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Coman wanted to return to Romania, but Romanian authorities refused to issue him with the necessary documents in order to enable him to work and reside there permanently with his spouse. The EU's free movement directive permits EU citizens exercising their free movement rights to bring their spouses with them. The Romanian authorities, however, refused to grant Hamilton a free white sex of residence on the ground that in Romania he could not be considered the 'spouse' of an EU citizen, since Romania does not allow same-sex marriage.

Importantly, the judgment reflects the evolution in attitudes towards LGBT rights in the last 20 years. Of the 28 EU Member States, 13 allow the legal celebration of same-sex marriage. A 14th, Austria, is due to them on January 1, A further eight countries have equivalent partnership regimes. Only six Member States have no form of legal protection for same-sex relationships. Recent European Court of Human Rights rulings have also further strengthened the protection of same-sex couples. Global Citizenship. Related Content.

Free white sex

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