Family reunion 5 walkthrough

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Speak with the Moki shown above in Wellspring Glades to the west of Grom. It'll ask for a house to be built. Simply head back to the right to speak with Grom. You'll need 4 Gorlek Ore for the Dwelling Repairs. Speak with the Moki to the west of Grom after you rebuild the dwellings and it will give you a key for a hut to the Silent Woods. Once you are in Silent Woods, get past the first water section and grapple up at the end of family reunion 5 walkthrough. Go to the left at the top and you'll find a hut where you will drop down from the far ledge.

Enter it to find everything turned to stone. Pick up the petrified doll. Now take the spirit well back to Wellspring Glades. There's a spirit well where you climbed up to reach the hut but you have to go to the right where you climb up rather than to the left.

Once you get back to Wellspring Glades, speak with the Moki to the west that gave you this quest. This will complete the quest. Enter the hut when the Moki leaves to find a spirit light container. Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Edit. Last edited by Da Hui on Mar 15, 20 pm. Ori and the Will of the Wisps Guide Home.

Family reunion 5 walkthrough

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