Escort simulator

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The escort simulator is an immersive simulation engine that converts the dating sim in the ear. You control the appearance and movements of the intimate couple as you listen to their lively responses and improvements. Using fully animated lip sync characters, custom jigsaw body physics, body fluid dynamics. And hundreds of hand animated expressions and movements.

The Escort Simulator strives to be one of the escort simulator entertaining mature games available on Steam. Among the many options you have at your disposal are body type, hair style and color. As well as body customization for breasts, ass and face.

You can literally develop thousands of forms with your model. To make her look like the girl next door or completely wild and free spirit. Earn orgasm while you enjoy your partner. Then go to the climax boss battle for a happy ending in your personal escort.

This game is intend for players 18 years of age or older. All content is fully mature and does not have the sensors or patches required to view completely nude content. Since this game is early access, features and content are add to this game on a daily basis. The developer seeks input directly from players in addition to future scenarios and current conditions that can be improved.

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Escort simulator

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Escort Simulator