Degrees of lewdidity

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Genre: Variety of fetishes very customizable. Can be turned on and off depending on your preference. File Size: 11 MB. Degrees of Lewdity is a text-based erotic sandbox roleplaying game, currently in development by Vrelnir. You play an year-old boy or girl in a town full of people with lewd intentions. So what will you do? Go to school and find honest work, turn to a life of crime, or sell your body in more carnal ways? The choice is up to you! Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Before the game starts, make sure to check the degrees of lewdidity to have the best femdom experience! The best thing is that this game gets updated around every month or so. So I would recommend keeping an eye on the main blog. Nvm, just need to be carful when fiddling with the settings else all save progress will not be saved. You know, you can always turn down the difficulty settings at the start of the game if you want. Also, one tactic that you could try doing is using your submissive and meek attacks to weaken your opponents over time.

Those monster girls must either really want or hate your MC. Either way, that sounds hot… albeit frustrating from a gameplay perspective. How do you save in this game? The fact that you have to pay ever increasing amounts of money to the degrees of lewdidity is annoying, made worse by the fact you eventually have to start funding Robin too if she is your love interest. How easily your clothes get destroyed is annoying. This game needs a run option. Changing monsters to monster girls changes hardly anything, since they are still introduced as animals.

Overall, this game gives me really bad vibes. Recommended very much. Mirror Links. Play Online. Click to rate this post! Angel Beast. Lustful Swimming Club Girl. Notify of. Overall Rating. Most Voted Newest Oldest. Inline Feedbacks. Last edited 8 months ago by KKIceNinja. Reply to KKIceNinja 4 months ago. Reply to Eeee 8 months ago. Reply to Eeee 4 months ago. Reply to Harija 8 months ago. Reply to Kennystadennys 8 months ago. Reply to Harija 4 months ago. Kitusne lover. Reply to Heyheyhey 8 months ago. Reply to Anon 8 months ago. Reply to Hemdom 6 months ago. Reply to anon 6 months ago.

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Degrees of lewdidity

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Degrees Of Lewdity