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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Melissa Brooks is a dance teacher for kids aged year olds. Having moved to the area a while ago, she managed to locate an apartment in the centre of the city. She has made a couple of friends Lola and her brother Matt along with Bella who she met whilst waiting in a queue to order a coffee at the local cafe.

They were both drooling over the server and started talking about how hot the guy was and ended up hitting it off and becoming fast friends. She had finished teaching her last class for the day and was meeting up with Bella, she had some exciting news to tell her. Bella turned to Melissa. Anyway, the studio owner dark knight erotica selling up, she offered me the place if I want to buy it.

So we go out on Saturday night to celebrate. They sit sipping on the drinks. Bella started to tell Melissa all about her day. We had to spend the next few hours fixing the mess. The later the afternoon got the more tipsy the pair were. Melissa thought as she needed food she would head home. They both giggled as they got up as the drinks affected them.

See ya. As she arrived the club next door, doors were open. She had never met who owned the place. She went in and grabbed her case with her camera before locking up behind her. As she was pulling the shutters down, a guy came out from the club entrance.

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Straight away he recognised her and said hello. Melissa stood and looked at the gorgeous guy who had appeared. Managing to squeak out a hello back to him, her heartrate went through the roof as she stared at him. She was sure her jaw was hanging open. He started walking over towards Melissa. Melissa found herself blushing and her body heating up. He ticked every box for a guy who Melissa found attractive.

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His tattoos up his neck left her wondering how much of his body was covered. Well, my friends and I were looking at coming to the club on Saturday night. Jay thought she was even cuter when she blushed. He had his fair share of women in the past and at the age of 26 he also had a lot of responsibilities. He had coaught Melissa coming out of the studio a few times but he had always been too busy to approch her. This is so nice of you. He could feel himself getting aroused by her presence. She was nothing like any of the other women that he had met before. She thanked him and headed on her way back home thinking he was so hot, also Bella and Lola were going to go crazy when she told them they are on the guest list.

Siyan Lee: This book is meant to be be read for those who love steamy hot romance. It jas all you need sex and love. It has great twist and something are not what you read from typical cliche romance. Amber Daniel: Great book so far. Lovibg it don't dislike anything love it can't wait to about the story. Michelle: I think Cole and Luci suffered a lot in this book, a lot of it deserved on Cole's end, but glad it all worked out. Is there going to be a book 5, so we can meet Elijah and Sorsha's kids and their mates? We did meet Bea, after all I really liked it, especially dark knight erotica confusion that Mia felt after Calvin bit her, but I don't like the different P.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes werewolf and human interaction or if you like fantasy. I gav Donna Van der heyden: I liked this story and want to find out more, want next chapter. Nurul Izzaty: Always excited for the updates since read the first chapter. I wish it was an app that was more on the dark knight erotica side, because I can hardly wait the 6 hours in between chapters. I can't wait to find out the secret Sebastian has been hiding and if she will choose him- her mate, fated by the moon goddess, or her Search Search.

Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Melissa Brooks is a dance teacher for kids aged year olds. Chapters 5. Chapter 1. Further Recommendations. Mated to the Alpha by Ct Hybrids Possession by Wolfgirl Between Love and Hate by Dee Hanna. Russian God by CL. Sarah Mutimer: Very well written loved it! The Wind Crest Pack by Mystic. Eclipse by Ct More Recommendations. Please keep writing more. Knight in Bloody Armor by Grimmy. No One's Luna by Lily Dean. Hailey Hogan: Her wold if beautiful. The Luna of the Rogues by queenrayrig.

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