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Gameplay revolves around collecting cards and using them to fight other players. Winning grants you fame points and allow to advance to higher leagues where you fight stronger opponents. Each card can be upgraded in many ways including direct boost with gold dust, guild bonuses, leveling up, soulbinding, reborning.

After ing a guild you can also participate in a Turf War mini-game against other guilds. Cuntwars Average Rating: 0. Chick Wars. Cunt Wars. Web Browser. Fans: cuntwars game Become a Fan. Nick: Web Browser edition. Description Edit History. CuntWars is an adult version of a Steam game Mighty Party. No Character Found. More Information Edit History.

This does not exist. You can edit this to create it. Category: Language:. No Files Found. Game Weight: 0. Linked Items. No Items Found. Tags separate by space :. User Information. Add cuntwars game copy to your collection Record information Record a play. Average Rating: 0. Browse 2 Images ยป wrong image? Primary Name. Chick Wars Cunt Wars. Cooperative Single-Player. Rel Date: Publisher: Hooligapps. Developer: Hooligapps. Media: Web. Rating: Not Rated. View Corrections Link Image. No items found. No images found.

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Cuntwars game

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