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Tumblr, the online blogging site owned by Verizon since its July acquisition of Yahoowill ban adult content beginning Dec. The site, founded inmakes the move about three weeks after its app was removed from Apple's App Store following some child sex abuse content appearing on Tumblr. Even though the site works with groups including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to screen ed material, some content got on the site.

After it was spotted, "we immediately removed this content," Tumblr said in an update posted on its site. Now, Tumblr says it will move computer sex tumblr ban all adult content as of Dec. Quickly, an online backlash ensued and the hashtag tumblrisdead emerged on Twitter. The place served as a great site for underground artists of all content - including those who like SEX What's so bad about that?

Tumblr's ability to offer "the mix of images representing ALL ones life interests" made it unique, said another Twitter poster. Now "it won't fulfill an important part of life," he continued. Good thing about tumblr was the mix of images representing ALL ones life interests. Now a key FREE visual aid to daily life activity is being banned from Tumblrit won't fulfill an important part of life. Now just another Flickr or Insta. Tumblr "was the last place on the internet that wasn't restrictive," said another.

I get all the computer sex tumblr fanfics and fan art there. Very sad loss for the internet on the 17th. This is the second major development quashing adult content in several days. Starbucks on Thursday said that starting init will have new filters in place to prevent customers using its in-store Wi-Fi from accessing explicit content.

More: Who will decide which students get into college — a committee or a computer? More: Why the stock market's first reaction to the Trump-Xi trade 'cease-fire' is bullish. But the site has remained active with If you haven't been to Tumblr recently — or ever — here's a look at their best of Facebook Twitter. Tumblr to ban all adult content beginning Dec. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Computer sex tumblr

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