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We were initially skeptical that these lightweight climbing cams wouldn't hold up as well as their predecessors, but after a couple of years of use at this point, they've held many falls, been up quite a few large walls, and are in chaturbate review as good a shape as when we bought them. Whether you're racking tons of cams for a long splitter or climbing a big wall, these lightweight cams will give you a big advantage.

Our testers "oohed" and "aahhed" over how light these cams felt on their harnesses and were amazed that the 4 Ultralight weighs the same as a 2 C4. As with most things, these amazingly light cams come with a few downsides. The range stops at a 4, so, unfortunately, you can't buy them in the super large and heavier sizes where ificant weight savings would be really nice. They also cost a good chunk of change more than regular C4 Camalotsand Black Diamond recommends that you retire them after only five years because of the potential of the Dyneema used in lieu of a metal cable to degrade faster.

These climbing cams are absolutely ideal for anyone who wants the lightest rack possible, whether they intend to tackle big walls, alpine missions, or even for simple cragging. Read review: Black Diamond C4 Ultralight. Each stem features dual, twisted cables that are flexible in any direction, combined with a trigger mechanism that increases the rigidity as it is pulled. This de effectively combines the desire for a flexing stem when a unit is placed, reducing the likelihood of walking — while also providing the rigidity needed to place and remove the cam with ease. Compared to its BD predecessors, these cams are also lighter, have a far narrower head width for easier shallow placements, and include a new addition, the green 0.

Considering these improvements, and their super smooth trigger chaturbate review and overall ease of use while free climbing, we think these are the best small cams you can buy, and wholeheartedly endorse them as the best small camming devices. Despite the fact that the RigidFlex stem does work as advertised, we found that it works a lot better in the smaller sizes that have less weighty he; the larger sizes are still a bit wobbly, even with the trigger pulled.

These climbing cams are also a bit heavier than some of the competition. Expect to pay a bit more per unit than any of those cams as well, although the prices are by no means budget-breaking. The newly updated Wild Country Zero Friends are equally as impressive, and have some different de advantages, such as metal trigger sheaths and extendable slings, so check those out as well. While no small cam is perfect, and there are great advantages inherent in the different small cam des, we feel that the Z4s are the perfect backbone for any rack in the smaller sizes, especially when free climbing.

Read review: Black Diamond Camalot Z4. Are you new to trad climbing and looking to start building up your rack? Then we highly recommend you begin stocking it with Black Diamond Camalot C4s. Simply put, these cams not only set the standard for quality and durability, but are by far the most popular camming units in the world today. They have the widest range of sizes, from the chaturbate review 0. Since these climbing cams are so popular, building your rack around them will accustom you to the color schemes used for different sized units, making it easy to climb using a friend's rack, or to combine the two seamlessly for Indian Creek mega-splitters or Yosemite big walls.

One of their few downsides is the rigid stem doesn't easily bend over edges or protrusions, limiting their use for tight placements and horizontals. This is especially true in the smallest sizes, and most people will opt for Z4sMetolius Ultralight Master CamsWild Country Zero Friendsor Aliens once they are shopping for anything below the 0. For beginning climbers and old tr alike, Camalots are the way to go. Read review: Black Diamond Camalot. Durable, reliable, and made in the good ol' US of A, the Metolius Ultralight Master Cam are the best value you will find for finger-sized camming units.

They have a more flexible stem than the Camalots and are available in larger sizes than the Aliens. Lightweight and compact, these cams are great for alpine climbing or whenever you need to shave ounces off your kit. While they wouldn't be the first cams we would recommend in larger sizes, for finger sizes and smaller, purchasing a set of these will save you a ificant amount of cash over almost every other option. The most noticeable disadvantage to these climbing cams is the lack of thumb loop, which helps to cut out the extra grams, but also makes them harder to quickly grab, and also limits the height you can clip into if aid climbing.

They also use their own unique color scheme progression, which can take some practice to memorize if you are used to the schemes used by BD, Wild Country, or Aliens. While they have to be sent back to Metolius for repair if a trigger wire is damaged, this isn't such a big deal because Metolius is super easy to work with and very accommodating. Whether you want lightweight, or simply the most affordable, the Ultralight Master Cams are an ideal choice. Read review: Metolius Ultralight Master Cam. Totem Cams are total game changers when it comes to clean aid climbing.

Thanks to an ingenious and unique de, you can load just one side of the camming unit, engaging only two lobes at a time. This creates a much stronger, more reliable bodyweight placement in flares or holes too shallow to get all four lobes in. Since each side of the cam is independently loaded, each size can essentially function like an offset. They have narrower he than the BD Camalotsand a more flexible stem, making them super effective at holding in horizontal chaturbate review shallow placements.

While they get an award for their aid climbing prowess, we wouldn't hesitate to bring them free climbing because they can protect pockets and holes better than chaturbate review other cam. The downsides to these really unique cams are that they are quite expensive, and a fair bit bulkier than most other camming devices. They can also be difficult to extract at times, and as somewhat of a cult phenom product, haven't always been easy to purchase either.

That said, if you are a big wall climber, or want to be one, then your rack is not complete without a set or two of Totem Cams. Read review: Totem Cam. This review is a collaboration between expert reviewers and climbers Andy Wellman and Matt Bento. Andy has been climbing for the past 24 years, having begun as a fledgling trad climber on the crags around Boulder, Colorado, in the late 90s. He made friends with older climbers with racks as he worked his way through the grades in Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Canyon, and in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.

Eventually, he purchased his own measly, bargain basement chaturbate review of cams and proceeded to get many of them stuck on his first chaturbate review to Yosemite. In the years since, he has climbed all over the world, ascending tough single pitch routes and giant alpine walls alike. He lives and climbs in the mountains of southern Colorado. Before reviewing cams professionally, he was falling on the cheapest rack he could put together from for-sale on the Camp 4 board.

Testing cams takes place all-year round, as we use these devices every time we go traditional climbing — which is a lot. As hot new devices are released, or old favorites updated, we make sure to purchase a set and start finding out how well they work, comparing them against all of the other cams in this review.

Since every different climbing area and rock type places chaturbate review demands on a camming unit, we make an effort to test devices in as many different areas as possible. There are two main types of camming devices included in this review — those with rigid stems, and those with flexible stems. The two types tend to be demarcated into sizes as well, with rigid stemmed des more common for larger devices, where the rigidity is necessary to hold a heavier head in place, and the smaller sizes almost all having flexible stem des.

The two types often overlap in the middle sizes of the spectrum. Related: Buying Advice for Climbing Cams. All of the cams in this review have been tested extensively in the field by climbing many, many pitches on all types of rock, in chaturbate review throughout North America.

We also add to this extensive testing by analyzing which cams perform best for certain functions and rate them compared to each other based upon eight separate performance metrics. Before we take a critical deep-dive, it's worth mentioning that tons of research and development have gone into every line of cams.

Metolius, Wild Country, Black Diamond, DMM, and Totem have conducted extensive testing and maintain strict quality control to ensure that when properly placed in good rock, these cams will hold a fall within accordance with their specifications.

Recalls on climbing hardware are common, not just due to the litigious nature of our society but also because cams are deed by climbers who know that each cam placement could be the only thing between you and a broken leg, or worse. Regardless of weight, personal preferences relating to ergonomics, or the range of each brand, all of these cams have made traditional climbing safer and more accessible, and for that, we are very grateful.

Now on to the nitpicking…. When you need to trust a piece of equipment as much as a climbing cam, it can feel a little counterintuitive to worry about getting a good value, but we know cost is often a factor in your purchase decisions. The Metolius Ultralight Master Cams are a solid choice if you are on the tightest of budgets. Due to their versatility and incredible durability, the Black Diamond Camalot C4s are another option that give fantastic value for the dollar.

We all know the feeling of trying to select the correct sized cam from our harness and place it while our forearms are burning, our legs are shaking, and we're looking down at a potentially long fall. For free climbing, cams need to be easy to identify, grab, engage the trigger, and place. To this end, our testers prefer a cam with a thumb loop when they are climbing at their absolute limit.

A somewhat rigid stem can also make cams easier to place on the fly, as it's sometimes possible to just shove them in a crack without engaging the triggers. With a floppier cam, you will always have to engage the chaturbate review wires. Familiar color schemes are very helpful for quickly identifying the cam on your gear loops, although this is also dependent on which cams you normally use, and chaturbate review much you've practiced.

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralights are our favorite cams for free climbing. They are lightweight, easy to grab, hold in your mouth, and easy to place. For pure crack climbing, they can't be beat. They are the easiest cam to place when you're pumped, and their lightweight makes a big difference on those Indian Creek splitters where you may find yourself carrying 10 of the same sized piece. Close behind are the Black Diamond Camalot C4swhich make up the majority of most people's racks that we know, as well as the Wild Country Friendswhich have a very similar feel and de.

Metolious Mastercams don't have a thumb loop, and that's a big turnoff for most of the free climbers we know, but they can be easier to use for alpine climbers who may be wearing thick gloves. When it comes to the smaller sizes, we feel that the newly released Camalot Z4s are the best choice for free climbing. They are lightweight, have narrow he and easy-to-grab thumb loops, but even more importantly, they follow familiar color schemes for easy identification and have a wide placement range that makes it easier to simply grab and plug. The newly redeed Wild Country Zero Friends are another favorite, as they have a slightly stiffer stem overall, follow the exact same color scheme, have a super smooth pulling trigger, and also come with an extendable sling for alleviating rope drag on long wandering pitches.

Sometimes the best cam for free climbing is the one that protects the best and feels the safest, so we wouldn't hesitate to free climb with Totem Cams or Fixe Hardware Alien Revolutions when free climbing in areas with pin scars.

Since free climbing is what the vast majority of us do with our climbing cams, it makes sense that we rate it as the most important metric. Light is right for most climbers, whether that means a lighter backpack on the approach, a lighter haul bag on the wall, or just less weight on your harness. The original Friends and rigid stem cams from Chouinard Equipment were heavy and strong. Today's cam manufacturers are in constant competition to make their product lighter while retaining holding power around 12KN for most of the larger sizes.

The average climber will have between cams on their harness for each pitch, so even minimal weight savings chaturbate review unit is important to the bigger picture. If you aren't convinced that weight is ificant, try putting on a 10 lb. Comparing the weight of cams is a tricky undertaking.

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