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A sissy has always been a sissy—you merely learn to accept it. That one simple action will forever brand her as a faggot forever, and she will live her life wailing in shame, forever. Like all things traumatic, it takes time, sometimes even a lifetime, to fully accept yourself as a sissy. What started off as a harmless wearing of pantyhose and bras will eventually turn into skirts, dresses, and makeup. With visual cues, a sissy will typically start with hetero porn, moving quickly into shemales, ladyboys, and sissy hypnosis. At this point, the sissy is doomed, but they rarely realize it.

Sissies will eventually venture out, often at night in their cars, en femme or partial femme. With cocksucking comes inevitable penetration. Being fucked like a girl has a lot more implications than having your ass stretched by a penis. By allowing someone to penetrate you, you are relinquishing power to the dominant person. You are acknowledging their rule and your submissiveness. You are allowing him to plant his superior DNA inside of you, where your body would be a vessel to carry on his genetics had you owned a uterus.

And once a cock is inside of you, a cock has been inside of you. Nothing in the world will change that. That you think becoming a sissy tumblr sucking cock all day every day. You want to have a normal life—marriage, kids, everything, but the allure of sucking cock and taking it in like a bitch are too enticing to put away.

Drugs, bad habits, these are something that you do, and therefore can quit. A full-blown shemale? I'm a sissy faggot who likes dressing up like a little girl and playing with my dick. I wear makeup, dresses, nail polish, pantyhose and a wig. I like to look at myself in a full legnth mirror and stroke my dick. The more girly the better. If I may I add, you apparently like admitting, especially in public, of your faggotry.

Now tell me, do you quiver when a daddy inserts his cock up your ass and tells you what a good girl you are? Good fags always do. I think you meant faggot but thanks regardless. Is that the best you can do? Is that your best argument? Throwing out words, tucked safely behind your anonymity? May I send you a pic of me as the sissy I am in full makeup and wig and also one of me as I look without any makeup and with my real name so people will know I am a sissy faggot?

Away from all social expectations, away from all the drama - deep, deep into my inner self and ask what I truly want, what I truly desire. Block out all noise, and especially, fear. Stay in the present.

Thoughts of future often cloud your mind with fear. Have courage. Chances are, in theyears of human history, no one knew of you years before, and no one will know you in years. Just focus on yourself, and ask what is important in your life. It is always better to live a life that is yours even at the contempt of others, than to live a great life that is not of your own. So where do you start? Lots of people are sissy faggots. Lots of people like sucking cock and being dominated. What you can control is either you express this side or not. And that is up to you. So let me get this straight.

What was the question again? A few cocks here and there should put you in your place, like it did to me. There have a been a great many situations over the years, and sometimes the humiliation is relative to the situation. The older lady and the younger sales clerk then disappeared to the back, where their stock drawers were, but I could actually overhear her say to the young sales clerk:. You can always tell. We get a few guys like that here. They come in all ages and most are burning with embarrassment. I thought about dashing fir the door before they re-emerged, but I was so terrified I could barely move….

When the young sales clerk came out with the corset I wanted she said with a slightly bemused smile:. As I paid and left the store I was trembling and in a totally catatonic state for a couple of hours, but when I got home an laced myself into the corset and attached some sheer lacetop stockings, I could not help but relive my as I masturbated into my panties.

Today these are situations which I would deal with without mussing a beat. But at the time, given my age, state of mind, inexperience etc the humiliation was enormous. Like a drug of addiction, it takes ever becoming a sissy tumblr doses to get the same effect. But those early instances still reverberate with me. One later experience that still makes my face burn with shame becoming a sissy tumblr I relive it in my mind, was when I went away for a long weekend with the dominant male partner I lived with for several years.

I was dressed in some tight white hot pants, some shiny tan Wolford pantyhose, a baby blue girlie t-shirt, and some light blue stiletto sandals, with some light makeup, as we arrived at the airport. To then board the flight and be greeted by a female flight attendant, as we boarded the flight, whom I had dated some years earlier, filled me with becoming a sissy tumblr. My dominant male partner, sensing knew her, made me sit in the aisle seat so she would see me in my pantyhose, heels and hotpants whenever she passed. By the time the plane had taken off and reached cruising altitude, she had collected herself enough to come by for a brief chat while offering drink service.

How have you been? Quiverinly, I introduced them by their first names, but then felt him squeeze my manicured had tightly. For a who two hours I drowned in a tsunami of shame, as she tried her best to maintain a professional friendliness. These are just a few of the most humiliating experiences that havre been indelibly branded on my consciousness. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Because a sissy is who you are. Anonymous asked: I'm a sissy faggot who likes dressing up like a little girl and playing with my dick.

Your writings all perfectly describe, at least to me, what being a sissy faggot is all about. I especially loved your piece about buying lipstick in public. That post is also my favorite! Anonymous asked: Degenerate monkey loving sissy scum. People like you belong in a death camp. Ive never fucked a sissy and im curious as hell. I love women but see i love sucking my cock and eating my cum out of women.

I couldnt get fucked by a cock as big as mine but i do wanna feel what its like to have a hot load inside me. Anonymous asked: I so desperately want to be a sissy fag. Where do I start? I am so lost. All I know is I am submissive and love being girlie You start with yourself, deep within. Anonymous asked: With tumblr removing all adult content soon,I just wanted to say that your blog was one of the bests. Thank you so much. Comments like this really mean the world to me. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Anonymous asked: What is the most humiliating situation you've been involved in with a woman?

I was wearing make outer clothes over stockings, garter belt and panties. She then wen to an older lady, who also worked in the store, for advice. That was embarrassing enough. Once again my face was in fire with embarrassment.

Becoming a sissy tumblr

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