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Message too long. Need help finding a story about an immobile cat person in the future reminiscing about her days doing things like 'exploring the ship' and whatnot before falling in love with another immobile catperson she saw.

Also this is a thread for people who just need storys found. There was a story on DeviantArt about four women who had a sleepover at a large house and ended up getting magically fat. At one point the mousy one goes to seductively greet a pizza boy in very revealing clothing. I think it was multiple parts. Anyone have any ideas as to what this story was? I remember he had one called "French Food Feast" and one about somebody rapidly gaining through drinking a cake shake. Does anybody have his stories or even just remember his username? Another long shot, but I vaguely remember a story I think it was on DA called "The Bakernomicon" or something about this woman who finds a magical book that summons feeder goblins or something.

One of her friends who lives in her apartment complex finds out about them and defeats them, dispelling the curse on the first girl. However, later at the end she finds the goblins came back and have fed the first girl into immobility again and overpower the second girl, feeding her and the rest of the apartment bbwchan elite into helplessness. One more came to mind from deep in my memories. Have yall ever read a story were a couple are leaving an establishment and on the drive home the girl sudden bloat up then pops in the parking lot of the hospital.

The the guy wakes up and goes to his computer to write about his dream? Would anyone be able to translate stories like this? Translating a 27 text story is a lot more effort than a few s of a manga or whatever. I'll read them later but unless they are god tier shout from the rooftops good no, it's already a struggle just to read these.

Here's some good stuff for anyone who wants to throw them in a translator or is learning moon though. I always wanted to see at least some of these translated! I've been fucking around with JP to EN translation tools a lot lately, and took a shot at translating a story using a few different tools to cross-reference. It's an interesting experience because it lets me flex my English skills a bit without having to worry as much about the creative part of writing.

I tried to make bbwchan elite flow well without taking too many liberties. It's a Persona weight gain story, pretty decent but was more an excuse to try this out than anything else. Is there anything more frustrating? I feel like I need to start making an actual archive of my favourites as more and more good content gets deleted.

JUKQ17 just deleted all of his content and I missed the 1 day a stash zip file containing it was up and now I'm sad. Post weight gain stories or ideas set in either the grim darkness of the bbwchan elite future or the old world. Did anyone manage to save some of my disgusting stories about boys fattening their mothers into obesity from before the great purge?

Not abandoned though, I just like to take breaks and work on a couple of things in parallel. Will be posted here the moment they are ready! I DO plan on finishing it. Just gonna take more time than I realized. Shill your stories! Since the board has recently been obliterated, it seems like a good chance to get the word out before the flood starts again. Post up what you got. Feedback and comments much appreciated. Does anyone know any good Wonka Factory Tour stories? What about a story about a reunion tour, where the kids have grown into even worse adults, fueled by a lifetime supply of candy?

As far as I am aware, it is the origin for pretty of blueberry transformation. You say it makes no sense it eclipses the 'super obvious' traditional wg but how more obvious can it be than actually doing blueberry tf for real? The other side of that coin is because for vanilla wg wonka is sort of unnecessary. You can take any ordinary candy factory, shop, etc.

But you need the magic of wonkas factory to do transformation because it doesn't happen naturally. Contains a wonka-esique cast that mimic the original roster with appropriate ages for this kind of game, though you can always choose to in the 'fun'.

Post stories about fat school girls. Bonus points if it involves her being bullied into getting fatter by her peers. Love to write some blob or immobile requests for people. Drop a prompt and a character and ill see what I can do. I can do OC or fanfiction, but I'd prefer fanfiction.

I'm cool with a lot of fandoms, so don't be afraid to ask. No men, super gross stuff, or futa pls. A Calamitious Fate for a Hylian Heir CW, this fic contains the following: Immobility, blob, heavy slob, blood play, humiliation, degradation, health issues, and dark themes. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with any bbwchan elite the aforementioned. It is what you wake up to, and it is what you pass bbwchan elite to.

As the slow droplets hit the ground, you rouse yourself awake. Sluggishly blinking open your eyes as the darkness of your sleep eventually fades, into the dim light of dawn. When your eyes adjust to the light, you once bbwchan elite feel a pit within your soul deepen. It was not your home, nor was it a comfortable bed or inn. Before you are stone walls, a metal door, a couple of torches on the side walls.

It was absolutely jarring to see, and yet After all, you have been here for a VERY long time. You remember when you first woke up in this cell, throwing yourself at the door, taking a torch, and scouting the room for any nooks and crannies to escape, and tried to burn the door open.

Ask and find stories thread OP is looking for any simple story mainly about gf trying to please her bf by gaining weight. I have never found one like this, which is really odd, because I though that would be everyone's kink here. Does anyone remember a story where a woman gets a ring and move fat from one person to another?

Anyone have some good reccomendations for XWG? Either through sheer god old gluttony, feeding, or something involving reality changes? There are two stories I'm looking for one is an old story by I think airgrenade about a girl who tries stealing from a farmer but get caught and inflated till bursting. The second is this girl trying to cas an inflation spell on some bullies in a food court only bbwchan elite find out they were advanced spell casters and turn the spell back on her.

There was this story maybe from xjarvisx about guy who met this girl with massive fat ass in the gym, then they went ona date at his housle where bbwchan elite fed her various food making her fat ass even bigger, it ended with a sex scene Does Anybody have or know where to find it? I was reading Princess Bride and in the first chapter there was a French maid that was catching the attention of the duke. The duchess found out that the maid couldn't help herself around sweets and filled the castle with them.

The maid gorged herself full of so much food that she practically became a walking blimp. I was wondering if there was any more out there. The story focuses on Rachel, a very very horny and self-loathing bisexual lapsed Jew who works at a Hollywood agency and moonlights as a stand-up comedian. Her primary focus in life is eating as few calories as possible as a result of her bad relationship with her controlling mother. All she thinks about is starving herself. Her therapist conducts an exercise to have her visualize the person she needs in clay and she accidentally constructs a figure of a morbidly obese woman.

Soon after, she falls head over heels in love with Miriam, a pound Orthodox Jew and a closeted lesbian, who is not only proud of her fat body and loves showing it off, but is intent on getting Rachel out of her shell by feeding her and teaching her to love food.

Bbwchan elite

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