Amy walkthrough

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Start up a new game on Hard to reduce the of replays you will need. However, you can start on easy to get a feeling for the game and its mechanics, but since the difficulty achievements do stack, why not use that to your advantage? You start out with a short cut scene introducing the 2 main characters, Lana and Amy. Amy is an autistic little girl who never speaks, but has amazing computer hacking abilities.

Lana is her caretaker and mother figure. The first level is an introductory level showing you the moves and how to fight. The buttons are:. After the cutscene you are left in the wreckage of the train. Head outside to the right, pick up the stick, get down the corridor in the other direction and climb down the train. Here you will encounter your first zombie careful, battles are rather hard so try to dodge and attack carefully. Move the crate out of the way, head for the train tracks and you will find Marcello, another survivor. Follow him to receive the DNA scanner.

Now, head back to the train and check the puddle of blood where the conductor's body used to be and prepare for a zombie attack. Head back amy walkthrough the closed door and solve the riddle the code is always a different one but you luckily have infinite retries. Now, head back to the electrified gate, pick up the new weapon and dispose of the zombie. Take a right, push the box away and you will find Amy with the following achievement for finding her:. Find Me Find Amy. Return to the door, head right, send Amy through the shaft and let her get the door open.

Afterwards, let her hack the console in the next room. Shimmy across the ledge to the right, open the door for your friends and get to the control room in this area. Send Amy through the hole in the left corner but after she opens the door and you get a checkpoint, DON'T let her out yet.

Continue ahead and you amy walkthrough face a lot of zombies. Kill them all.

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Once they are all dead, you can go back and retrieve Amy. This is important for an achievement and this is by far the easiest way to get it. There should be around zombies to defeat and you will know when you killed them all when the music changes back to normal. Now, head to the next area, enter through the door and call up the elevator containing Amy. Let her use the button, then let her return back down and enter through the now open passage.

Hide under the table to end the chapter and unlock the following achievements:. Bodyguard Complete a level without the monsters draining Amy's energy. All Aboard Finish Chapter Run forward, pick up the keycard and get through the huge door to your left. While avoiding the contamination puddles, head to the right and get Amy from the locker. Get through the gate where the monster is and head through the door it came from. Continue down that corridor until you find a melee weapon and return to the area you found Amy. Take a left and head towards the contamination amy walkthrough and you will trigger a cutscene.

Get around the corner and use the ability on the glass screen Hold RT, flick right stick to the skill and release the stick. Send Amy through the shaft to the left of the zombie I recommend to not fight him if you can avoid it. Direct her from the opposite side of amy walkthrough room to the left of the painting in order to get the keycard and then retrieve her. Turn around, head through the door use Silence on it to draw attention from it and sneak past the zombie again you have the option to kill him, but he can be avoided.

Enter through the door and hack the console there. Avoid the door and continue onwards to the end of the corridor. Turn left and keep crouching down until you pass the glass window and you will see a telephone on the wall. Next to this is a hole and through this hole there is a locker you will need to hide in. Have Amy wait here as you go back and use the telephone. Make sure the guard sees you and when he has, run into the room you left Amy and amy walkthrough with her in the locker.

Where are you? Avoid being seen by the enemy by concealing yourself in a hideout. Head to the left and draw the painting. Afterwards, sneak past the patrolling soldier and the traps on the ground crouching will make it easier to get past the traps.

Make sure to retrieve the melee weapon in the room to the left before you hack the door ahead. Once you have, go back and hack the door. Next, smash the glass and get rid of the zombie.

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Head to the right towards the fire to retrieve the DNA sample after the first set of amy walkthrough. Return and hack the opposite door. Head past the traps to the patrolling soldier. Go to the left of where he was patrolling, send Amy through the shaft on the left and then turn to the left. Head through the door, up the ladder and get Amy up with the elevator.

Let her lower you down, get the keycard on the boxes ahead and get back up the elevator so you can send her back down again. Now return to the shaft, retrieve Amy and head for the DNA lock. Get the keycard here and move the cart to the right of the room. Send Amy through the shaft and take the elevator up. Through the door, shimmy across the edge and reunite with Amy.

Get her back to the painting, head further down the corridor and stick to the right. Use Silence on the glass to amy walkthrough the zombie from noticing you. Once in the room, you will need to hack the scrambler. As soon as you enter a wrong code, an alarm will trigger, giving you around more tries before a soldier appears.

You can hide however under the desk to the left so he doesn't see you. As soon as you get the right code sorry, another random code the chapter ends, netting you the following:. Loud and Clear Finish Chapter After the cutscene, head outside the elevator to the left and copy the painting behind the crates. Take Amy and lead her up the crates further on. Smash the boards there, send her up with the elevator and get down the ly blocked ramp. Go up the ladder, past the ledge and down the other ladder. Head all the way down and past the electric traps. Use Amy to activate the elevator, ride it up and retrieve the keycard.

Go back down, head towards the traps again and you will see various Zombies. Make one of the zombies stumble in the trap and if done right you will unlock the following achievement:. High Voltage Push an enemy onto an electrical device. Make your way past these enemies abusing shockwave is the key to success and move the cart out of the way to reach Amy again and reunite with her. Climb down the way you originally came from to deactivate the traps by using the console there. Now head through the area with Amy and get past the elevator to Elevator Room 1.

Take the elevator to your left upon entering and go up. Head across and then down the ladder at the end and move the cage to open the path up. Now send Amy up and follow her through the new path. Let her draw the painting behind the boxes and use her skill on the opposite side of the walkway against the boarded entrances. Have both of you go down again and send yourself up on the side with the boarded entrances.

Make your way down and open the gate from the other side to reunite with Amy once again. We are now in Elevator Room 2. Break the boarded entrance ahead of you and use the switch here. Climb up the grates with Amy, break the boards on the opposite side and head down alone. Climb amy walkthrough the ladder, up the crate and drop on to the moving platform while amy walkthrough Amy to activate it. Get to the opposite side of the walkway and move the boxes out of the way. Finally, use Amy to destroy the boards downstairs and enter through the next gate.

Follow the corridor until you get downstairs to the subway station. Here you need to sneak past the soldier, so keep a low profile upon entering the metro. This will net you will the following achievement:. Blasted Metro Finish Chapter Note: Here you will need to be infected often to pass lethal zombies.

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Make sure to always have antidotes on you as much as you can. Run forward and use the button.

Amy walkthrough

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Amy’s Classroom Environment Walkthrough