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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Mods. Thread starter Epadder Start date Jul 10, censored incest male protagonist monster girl pregnancy rpg turn based combat. Discussion Reviews 2. Total voters 48 Poll closed Apr 18, Epadder Programmer Game Developer. Oct 25, Overview: This is a grand recreation and modification of the Twine game Adam and Gaia by Beornwhal with his consent. This is my vision and version of that game. Original version not required It still runs along the same themes but there will be differences Spoiler: R4 C You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Last edited: Jul 10, Aug 21, 1, Reactions: votsos and anubis In-Short: Human characters are not porn actresses Ported to Ren'py from Twine Interface is more customized to promote ease of use.

Town system has been revamped and changed Morality system is added and not in the original system is different if you want pushed an optional system more like the original due to feedback from Beornwhal Scene rewrites in some areas. Difficulty choice NYI is much easier to obtain resources than the main game.

Reactions: Konstantinus. Altarin Member. May 21, Only for me and i think for many other guys farming once again wood, stone and stuff is pretty annoying. So maybe if it would adam and gaia f95 possible to make some cheat mode. Also i dont know why, but when scroling up, i cant view neither past messeges nor history.

I have to go to menu and history. Also sometimes when i mouse over a button it changes its shape so it seems like its active, but when i click on it nothing happens and i have to click again. I thing i happens when i click on the button but not on text, but i am not quite sure on that one. As was in the original i would place World button slightly diffrent than town management buttons, so player would know its really different thing.

And i am not sure, but i thing you dont have capture options enabled yet, or? Well i like original game and i like renpygames even more, so this definitely caught my interest and i hope you will take this as constrictive critics.

I am looking forward to next development. Good work so far! Reactions: Red DiXon. Ashgamer Newbie. Jun 17, 36 He doesn't need to really add a cheat mode It's in ren'py Its for players to make it easier. Reactions: wdude and Booki. Jun 2, 6, 48, Not that the original it's not awesome di per se, but god bless you. I'll wait however, since the pregnancy like I read in the OP, it's not fully impletemented? Or there can be still child anyway? And crashes only with Rheia? Altarin Cheat Mode: There will be a difficulty selection which will end up reducing resource requirements down to 1. I mean adding a button to just give you resources isn't difficult Rollback Issue: Not sure exactly what is going on I am blocking it on the screens so you don't accidentally roll back into VN mode after ending a scene.

Button Issue: These ren'py buttons are just kinda I'll see what I can do but no promises. But for the world button Scenes will be added of course to the end of combat just not in yet. Also it's pointless at the moment for monsters especially because they only consume resources and don't produce anything.

Also in general this mechanic is not really needed in the same way as the original Rheia is the only character where her specific offspring are semi-implemented but trying to interact with them will probably give the old grey-screen of death in Ren'py because it's going to look for files that don't exist. Also impregnation gives you experience from random encounters to full characters. There just isn't a visual notification currently implemented just console print outs. Reactions: brynhildr. SkyFlameX Newbie. Jun 10, 68 I love your version of the game, it feels different despite the same dialogues being from the original game.

Well thank you, yeah it's going to have alot of bugs because I wanted to have a place to discuss it, avoid confusion in Beonwhal's main thread, and have more to discuss so I threw out my dev build with a few minor changes. Areas that loop back are just there so I have the hooks for the future Fixed issybilalive in main code now Old Variables for characters but I changed that adam and gaia f95 well after this part was implemented. Spoiler: About Freia You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Okay fixed, yay for typos! I'm sure with time you'll do it without thinking.

Looking over the of the original strawpoll, I noticed that Human Girls are way more important than Monster Girls to the people who chose to respond. I started a second poll to get a little bit more information about exactly why there is less interest in them If you are interested in them there is also an option for that. You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: RedHorse and brynhildr. Booki Newbie. Oct 14, 51 I've never played the original and never even heard of it.

Since this looks like it changes a lot, should I give that a try before trying the mod out? The original has much more content implemented at the moment and is very good, I personally believe there is not much point in modding a bad game. If a game really really sucks there is no point in trying to polish that turd. The reason I did not just mod the original Twine version is because I have no interest in learning Twine at all really, and I wanted the features that come with making it a stand-alone application.

Epaddder said:. Now not all of them will have a radically different obtainment method but in the original there is a relationship system that really doesn't do anything for non-offspring, in this version it is the key stat to unlocking more events with characters that should help solidify and build their uniqueness. At certain relationship milestones the 'date' option will end in a event specifically for that character.

I won't promise that Matrons will never end up overlapping on some things but I will do my best to make sure that they are not carbon copies of each other. The Sphinx's Tower itself is also the hub to visit all the Monster Girl Matrons you gain through questing throughout the world. The capture mechanic is different, it is a split system where you can either attempt to recruit a character or bend them to your will through the abuse of Gaia's crystal you carry.

Recruitment evaluates your charisma which is level based to determine if you can peacefully convince an encountered girl to go live in town. Impregnation of the girl will cause an automatic success on this check Every victory sex scene rolls to determine if you impregnate the girl. Bending their will through abuse of the crystal is an automatic success at the cost of gaining a substantial amount of corruption. In general also once a monster-girl has settled in town or become a part of your harem her offspring will not be hostile and have to be beaten into submission. Altarin Also would like to add that I have removed the rollback blocking in all segments I wanted screens to be safe from mouse wheeling up and going back to scenes erroneously.

But I realized that Ren'py's prediction system is probably fucking it up at a certain point Neomage21 Member. Aug 28, This was interesting. I'm looking forward to the next verision. Reactions: Epadder. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Adam and gaia f95

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