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WP 2. Marine Environment

The work package focused on the assessment of radioactivity in marine ecosystems in the Euro-Arctic region.

Murmansk Marine Biological Insitute (MMBI) was in the lead of WP 2. The activities and main results included

  1. Expeditions to the Barents Sea in 2011-2012. During the expeditions, sampled were sea water, bottom sediments, marine biota, fish and sea birds.
  2. Information on sampling techniques as well as sample treatment and analysis methods were exchanged between the researchers. Exchanged were also the information and data on previous assessments of marine radioactivity. A report was compiled based on the exchanged information.
  3. The levels of radioactivity in the Barents Sea and marine biota were assessed in cooperation of all three countries, the old data sets were updated with new research results and the results collected in one data base.
  4. Maps were collated to present the current status of radioactivity in the marine environments of the Euro-Arctic region.
  5. The sources and transport routes of radionuclides in the marine ecosystems of arctic sea areas were analysed and presented as a graph.
  6. The dynamics of the radioactive pollution of the Barents Sea was modeled computationally based on the new research results and old archived data.
  7. The transport routes of radionuclides in the marine food chains and to humans were assessed.
  8. The results of Russian and Norwegian marine models about the transportation of radionuclides in the Barents Sea and other arctic sea areas were compared, and the models improved and updated.

WP 2 publications:

An abstract on the conference presentation about the effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident on the Barents Sea: Matishov, G.; Ilyin, G.; Kasatkina, N.; Pavelskaya, E.: Impact assessment of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accidental emission on the Barents Sea ecosystem. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 15, EGU2013-12163-3, 2013. EGU General Assembly 2013.

A scientific publication on the effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident on the Barents Sea: Matishov, G.G.; Ilyin, G.V.; Kasatkina, N.E.; Usagina, I.S.; Paveletskaya, E.V.: Assessment of Impact from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accidental Emission on Western Arctic Seas (Barents Sea Case Study). Doklady Earth Sciences, 2012, Vol. 446, Part 2, pp. 1185–1189.