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During the project, the CEEPRA network, or the Collaboration Network on EuroArctic Environmental Radiation Protection and Research, was established. The network will be maintained and utilized also after the project.  The project was able to develop international infrastructures that improved and facilitated the collaboration and exchange of information between authorities, public and target groups in Finland, Norway and Russia.

The main outputs of the project as a whole included


The cross-border cooperation between Finland, Norway and Russia was improved, when new networks were formed between the authorities and research institutions. During the project were also compiled instructions on how to facilitate the border crossing with research equipment or with low-activity research samples.


The project participants succeeded to improve their understanding of common issues and challenges in emergency preparedness, environmental radioactivity and public awareness in Finland, Norway and Russia. They also became prepared to jointly meet these challenges and risks.


Both old and new research data on the radioactivity in the Euro-Arctic region was exchanged between Finland, Russia and Norway. The data was collected in one data base that will be updated also in the future. The participants improved their understanding on the current situation of radioactivity in the region, the factors affecting it and the possible related risks. 


The laboratories of STUK, MMBI and NRPA improved their techniques and methodologies for environmental samplings. The reliability and comparability of all participating laboratories were verified.


The project partners enhanced their capabilities to respond in emergency situations in the region in time and in appropriate ways.


Marine and atmospheric modelling methods and the abilities to predict the distribution of radioactive releases were improved and developed.


Public awareness and knowledge on radioactivity-related issues in Finland, Norway and Russia was improved.

The reports and publications produced during the project as well as the materials from public seminars are available electronically on these web sites or upon request from STUK, MMBI or NRPA.

Additional materials are available here.