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The main objectives of the CEEPRA project were:

  • Establishing a collaboration network in the EuroArctic region
  • Improving the cross-border cooperation between authorities, key research organizations and stakeholders in the project area
  • Increasing public awareness and knowledge with respect to nuclear safety, emergency preparedness and environmental radioactivity.

Specific objectives of the project included:

  • Improving the cross-border exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Improving the techniques and problem understanding related to radiation protection and research
  • Facilitating cross-border movements between Finland, Norway and Russia
  • Improving emergency preparedness in involved countries
  • Improving risk assessments of potential nuclear accidents
  • Gaining more information about the environmental radioactivity, radionuclide concentrations, their behaviour and occurrence
  • Increasing the awareness and knowledge of general public and stakeholders across the region of nuclear technologies, emergency preparedness and environmental radioactivity, and the associated risks and challenges.

Project area

The implementation area of the CEEPRA project was Finnish Lapland, Murmansk Oblast in Russia and Troms and Finnmark in Norway.